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Planets and asteroids have been added to the battlefield, changing the orbital terrain. Lure your enemies into deadly collisions with asteroids while avoiding such a fate yourself!

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Alpha Planet 1

New Backdrop Planets

  • Appreciate the scale of the battlefield as enormous planets loom below
  • Features gas giants and terrestrial planets of various colors

Alpha Planet 2

Navigate the Asteroid Fields

  • Asteroids challenge pilots' abilities
  • Some planets have more asteroids orbiting than others
  • Hitting an asteroid damages a ship's shields and disrupts power systems
  • Destroy asteroids with a well-place shot
  • Lure enemies into collision paths

Various Tweaks and Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Stuns properly disrupt shield regeneration
  • Bug Fix: Repetitive stuns reset the stun timer instead of stacking
  • Balance: Fighter missile stun time reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.25 seconds

Future Development

The Planetoids Update lays the groundwork for a future strategic game mode that will accompany Star Legion's desktop PC release. In this game mode, players will build and upgrade fleets and stations to exert control over the local planetary cluster.

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