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We release 0.31 due to the many bugs found in the missions of alpha 0.3. We also tweaked a few small things that make playing easier.

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In 0.31, players can now dig and chop trees by just holding down the left mouse button. Players can also find beds in the game. The beds allow players to sleep until morning. Also fixed are the monster disappearing problems.

You can download the new version in the downloads section.

Planet Explorers Alpha 0.3 Trailer - Indie DB

We're looking to release 0.4 at the end of November. The change list for that build will be:

- balancing
- more balancing
- procedural adventure map single player
- procedural adventure map multiplayer
- cave systems single player
- rivers
- a new procedural planting system
- more forest area
- some forest creatures (will post some concepts soon)
- first person mode tweaking
- swimming
- more efficient UI system, the current Unity one is pretty laggy
- we might trim the world down to 16*16km from 24*24km, a lot of people are complaining that missions targets are way too far


Here's an idea off the top of my head: you could keep the world large if you provided an early means of transportation via tamable animals. Feed certain docile animals (i.e. those which won't attack you on sight) plants or simple-to-make animal food, and you can ride them anywhere you want!

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that sounds like a way better plan to me :D

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I second that.

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zede05 Author

Well, we are going to have rides. From self made vehicles to animals...that was the reason the game terrain is so big, it's not really for walking so much. But it'll take some time get this stuff in. So we'll have an internal discussion and see if we keep the larger map or not. :)

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Awesome! Having tameable rides also means having pets, which is something I've been wanting ever since I saw the awesome creatures this game has to offer! :D

Seems to me you could keep the game world large, but until rides are in, just restrict the distance over which quests take place. That way, the player can use the resources and do the quests within a more manageable area, but venture further if he/she wants.

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