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Post news RSS pixelBOT EXTREME! is on sale for PS4/PS5 for the first time!

For a short time, you can get pixelBOT EXTREME for only $ 6.99 / 6.99 €.

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For the first time since it's launch on PS4, pixelBOT EXTREME! is on sale.

The game is part of the "Remaster & Retro!" sale of Sony PlayStation. During the sale, the game is available for only $ 6.99 / 6.99 €.

The game runs on both: PS4 and PS5.

If you don't know the game yet, here is a short summary:

  • The game is a retro style, side scrolling shooter
  • The twist is:
    • You can shoot your rockets in 4 different colors.
    • Each enemy is also colored in one of these 4 colors.
    • Enemies can only be killed by being shot from a bullet with the same color.
  • This makes the game become a unique mix of shoot 'em up and Guitar Hero.

Don't miss this opportunity and get it now:

pixelBOT EXTREME! - PlayStation Europe Store

or the:

pixelBOT EXTREME! - PlayStation US Store

If you want to see this in action, here is a freshly cut summary of pixelBOT EXTREME! being played at Gamescom 2020:

If you missed the launch trailer, you can see it here:

But be warned:

This game is a real challenge!

Are you EXTREME enough to beat the Ultrabot?

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