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From July 19-22, pay what you want for 'Pitman' with beat-the-average bonuses. 10% of all sales will go to the Greenpeace foundation.

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The featured game for July 19 - 22 is here! Get it now!

Feature Details:

Game: Pitman
Developer: Rat King Entertainment
Featured Charity: Greenpeace

10% of all sales generated by this deal will go to the featured charity.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
DRM & Distribution: DRM-Free download, Desura, Android .apk
Controller Support: No

Game Description:

Pitman is a turn-based rogue-like with boardgame style. Everything you desire is inside the randomized dungeons: Dwarfs, trolls, golems, treasures, potions, magic, hammer, bow, much more weapons, ... and don't forget the monster moles and pretzels!"

Beat the average and get:

  • Pitman for Android, as a downloadable .apk application.
  • Pitman Wallpapers
  • Pitman strategy guide (to fulfill your destiny!)
  • The complete Rat King soundtrack for all of the studio's games to date
  • A Desura key for Rat King's in-development first-person puzzle game TRI, with all future access.

"TRI is a first-person 3D game with environmental puzzles and an immersive atmosphere. Experimentation is the key, thus players can create their own geometry to solve puzzles and reach hidden places in weird constructions.

  • freeform 3D platformer
  • build triangles to overcome abysses, reach unknown places, and walk on the walls and the ceiling
  • control light rays and destroy obstacles with dangerous lasers
  • explore the dungeons of TRI, collect treasures and solve puzzles"

The top 3 contributors will also receive:

  • An exclusive IndieGameStand T-shirt!
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