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The Earth has withered away. Guided by an angel in the dark. You must brave the underground of Eden to find all forms of creation to rekindle the light.

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Key system has been dropped in favor of switch system.
Visual overhaul in forgotten ruins.
Secret Area added somewhere.
Tutorial has been shortened even more.
Save reminder text now shows up 3 times and no more.
Light adjustments in various areas for an even more pleasing look.
Level loading screen updated with new visuals.
Doors replaced with fog walls.
Breadcrumbs added in for guidance in more areas.
Enemies are now more difficult.
New enemy types have been rotated in different areas for a slower reveal.
Very hard is now harder.
Mesh fixes and collisions added.
Time place has had it's end reworked for a better visual appeal.
Door pressure plates have been removed and will auto open.
Darkside of the moon is now without dwellings.
Navmesh in light area has been pulled back so enemies don't mesh with animation.
Abyss waters now have bluish tint.
Fog has been added in hub areas for a better look.
Player camera has been turned 180 when transferred to the void.
Serpent only spawns once in the void.

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