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Hi Folks! Due to a slight mix up on my part (sorry folks) about the new switch over from monthly alphas to ongoing builds, I am a little late this month with my upload. Apologies about that. Anyways here is the latest (Windows) build as of May and below, the change logs for both April & May. As always, Linux and MAC OSX builds are also available via the pioneerspacesim.net site Have fun out there! :)

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May 2013

* New features

* Multithreaded Job based Terrain Patch generation (#2163, #2268, #2262)

* Minor changes and tweaks

* Model level-of-detail now takes field of view into account (#2257, #2077)

* Improvements to translatability of joystick axis descriptions.

(#2272, #2280, #2281)

* New ships are always fully fueled (#2283, #2162)

* Fixes

* Crew can no longer be hired with a negative salary (#2254)

* Fix landing gear sound repeating when autopilot lowers the undercarriage (#2269)

* Fix landing gear button toggling briefly when lowering gear (#2269)

* Internal changes

* Enum mapping tables now have a visibility specifier (#2276)

* Removal of the unused BezierCurve and RefList classes (#2274)

* The game constants live now all in src/gameconsts.h (#2274)

* Silence some debug printouts for the faction code. (#2274)

* Object property system now uses LuaTable. (#2275)

April 2013

* New features

* New combat music track (#2209)

* Mission list can now be sorted by clicking the column headers (#2183, #2128 )

* Mission list now shows distance to system and days remaining (#2234, #2244)

* Minor changes and tweaks

* Commodity Market buy/sell buttons now speed up when held down (#2188, #1734)

* Clamp ambient lighting to avoid pitch black (#2241)

* Model changes

* Station definition 'num_docking_ports' is no longer used; it is computed

from the bay definitions (#2219)

* Station model docking nodes are checked against the station definition


* New 6-bay ground station model (#2227)

* Script and UI API changes

* New method 'SetColor' on Label widgets (#2234)

* Player:GetHyperspaceTarget() now returns path of destination system when

in hyperspace (#2244)

* Fixes

* Fix lua system export (#2229)

* Fix Lua console so that it lets you continue incomplete commands (#2198 )

* Fix logical error in crew skill boosting code (#2253)

* Fix assertion when attempting to dock whilst you're also trying to leave (#2239)

* Internal changes

* SpaceStationTypes now loads data using the LuaTable wrapper (#2170)

* ShipType now loads data using the LuaTable wrapper (#2215)

* Reduced allocations and improved data locality in the eclipse code (#2200)

* New dynamic object property system (#2161, #2226, #2225, #2223, #2221)

* Support linking against the LDB Lua debugging library (#2147)

* Stars with flattening due to fast rotation, i.e; ellipsoids (#2178 )

* Update bundled Lua to version 5.2.2 (#2230)

* Model loader: improve instancing (#2228 )

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