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Hi Folks Another update for you. A highlight for this month is the ability to remove the cockpit panel if you prefer an uncluttered view of the game. Also handy for screenshots too as your location co-ordinates are also displayed. Have fun! :)

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June 2013

* New features
* Textures can now be loaded from DDS files (#2311)

May 2013

* New features
* Multithreaded Job based Terrain Patch generation
(#2163, #2268, #2262, #2295, #2298, #2282, #2290)
* Docking bays now have size constraints (#2291)
* The crew listing now shows the amount of wages and the total owed (#2310)
* The control panel can be hidden using the 'toggle labels' key (#82, #2303)
* New city on New Hope — Itzalean — on a eclipsy location (#2192)

* Minor changes and tweaks
* Model level-of-detail now takes field of view into account (#2257, #2077)
* Improvements to translatability of joystick axis descriptions.
(#2272, #2280, #2281)
* New ships are always fully fueled (#2283, #2162)
* Mission list in the info screen (F3) now has a scroll bar (#1850, #2306)
* Equipment list in the info screen (F3) now has a scroll bar (#2309)
* Current system path is displayed when the HUD is hidden, unless option
DisableScreenshotInfo=1 is set in the game config file (#1709, #2303)

* Model changes
* Thrusters and navigation lights from the highest LOD are now used at all LODs
(#2110, #2316)

* Script and UI API changes
* New Game.{End, Save}Game Lua interfaces (#2284)

* Fixes
* Crew can no longer be hired with a negative salary (#2254)
* Fix landing gear sound repeating when autopilot lowers the undercarriage (#2269)
* Fix landing gear button toggling briefly when lowering gear (#2269)
* Hide autopilot options during docking when they are unavailable (#2263, #2285)
* Hide hull temperature gauge when value is under 1% of "maximum" (#2267, #2304)
* Generate the terrain while in pause (#2301, #2312)

* Internal changes
* Enum mapping tables now have a visibility specifier (#2276)
* Removal of the unused BezierCurve and RefList classes (#2274)
* The game constants live now all in src/gameconsts.h (#2274)
* Silence some debug printouts for the faction code. (#2274)
* Object property system now uses LuaTable. (#2275)
* Maximum texture mip-map level is set to 0 for non-mipmapped textures (#2288)
* Clean up the eclipse code to make it more standard compliant (#2192)
* New ScopedTable, like LuaTable but cleans the stack on destruction (#2315)

As always, Linux and Mac OSX builds are available from Pioneerspacesim.net

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