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PilotLight 2.0 has been released with a whole bunch of new improvements, and reworks of mechanics. 10 new levels, statistics, and more!

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TL;DR PilotLight 2.0 has been released with a whole bunch of new improvements, and reworks of mechanics. Check out the Trailer below, try out the Android or In Browser version for Free. If you like those versions, you'll love the full version for only $0.99.

New Features:

10 new challenging levels (31-40).
These levels introduce two new environmental foes: Water Mines, and Water Turrets. The are the longest, and toughest levels so far. The average around 30 seconds in length, and 10 jars of fuel to blow up. 5 levels have also been shifted from the full version, to the free version. Bringing to level total for the free version up to 15.

Level Fly Through
When you load a level, you're now greeted with a fly through. This greatly reduces player frustration, allowing you to see where everything is before you start the level.

Statistics Tracking
In the stats page you can see your total deaths (also divided into categories), number of jars blown up, timer resets, and player moves. We've also started collecting statistics from players gameplay for more interesting, world wide stat tracking. We don't have a meaningful way to share this data yet, so you'll have to wait a bit to see it.

World Wide Stats (Jan 24th until Jan 29th)
Levels Completed: 668
Total Deaths: 930
Standing Water: 840
360 Sprayer: 72
Water Jet: 18

Jars Exploded: 2108
Player Moves: 5974
Timer Resets: 19
Total Time (Including failed attempts): 3h5m

With lots of feedback from our players, and testers over on /r/gamedev, we've reworked a few features to make the game more enjoyable. The timer now starts when you make your first move, simple as that. No more annoying 3.2.1 countdown.

We've also added access to the PC build of the game. The controls are designed for touch, but it's still quite fun on PC. Try it out before you try the Android version.

PilotLight a challenging fiery platformer. Traverse 40 challenging levels, blow up jars of fuel, and avoid watery obstacles and foes!

You play as a flame. Your goal is to destroy all the fuel jars in the level as fast as you can. The faster you do it, the better the medal you get. The time tolerance for gold medals is pretty tight, so perfect execution is key.

The levels get progressively more difficult and complex as you progress through the game, as environmental obstacles/hazards (air jets, moving platforms, water sprayers etc) are introduced, and combined. If your flame hits a hazard, you'll fizzle out, and you'll have to start the level again.

PilotLight is rich in ambiance, with soft lighting, vibrant particle effects, and cavernous sound design.

  • 40 progressively more challenging levels filled with environmental hazards to avoid.
  • Gameplay Statistics such as: Total Deaths, Jars Exploded etc.
  • Medal ranking system for each level.
  • Dead simple, one finger controls (tap, drag, release) with a full interactive tutorial.
  • Support for all screen sizes, from small screens (800x480) up to large tablets.
  • Developed to run on high end devices, as well as on most newer mid range devices.
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