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Post news RSS Photo Mode 📸 & some fixes! 🐣 Early Access Update #1 🔧

The first update to Scorchlands is already here! It added a new feature - Photo Mode.

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Dear Birdfolks! 🐣

Wow, launching Scorchlands into the stratosphere via Early Access was a fantastic experience. We had such a blast - thank you for the warmest welcome possible. We receive uplifting feedback from all around the globe. Our team is so glad that you enjoy colonizing with Giwis! 🐦

Time for the first update to Scorchlands. 🔧

It’s already here!

Let’s shed some light on…

Scorchlands  - Giwi and Photo Mode

Photo Mode 📸 is a new feature added to this update.

All of us had so much fun taking photos of freshly set-up colonies, Nexuses, and terraformed biomes. We hope that you’ll enjoy our “digital camera” as much as we do.

Don’t forget to post your photos on Scorchlands’ Discord server! 🎧

We also did some fixing here and there. 🛠️
You probably want to know what changed in the game’s build, so here’s a full changelog.

You probably want to know what changed in the game’s build, so here’s a full changelog.

## [Patch 0.1.1] -- 2023-02-17


  • Added the Photo Mode! (by default activated with P);
  • Added camera panning sensitivity slider;
  • Cursor is now locked in place while panning camera (windows only);
  • Increased default camera sensitivity by 50%;
  • Added tiny decorative ladders between buildings located at slightly different elevations.


  • Fixed wrong text alignment in panels shown at the end of tutorial / demo / campaign.
  • Fixed toggling core mod on causing game not to load in correctly.
  • Fixed players being able to bypass population limits to create infinite colonies by using keybind to start making a new colony.

Also - we’ve got some new screenshots from the game! 📷
Check this one out - we’ll post more later:

Scorchlands - new screen

It’s not the last good news to share today.

The winners of the #PAXEast 2023 PAX Rising Showcase have been revealed and Scorchlands is amongst them!

Yay! Hurray! 🎉

PAX x Scorchlands

It’s absolutely flattering to be a part of such camaraderie. Best of luck to all the featured indie games! 🎮

Now go and take photos of your colonies!

Ringlab ⚗️

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