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Phoenix USC will be testing our new server and client soon! Checkout the map run though video, images and more as we head to online testing.

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Map run through. Phoenix USC begins online testing soon!


It's been awhile but during that time I have pretty much completed my first version (test-bed) server and client. After a long journey of development I have a very solid foundation for Phoenix USC to begin online testing. So, near mid February (next month) I will be setting up a test-bed server and client for those interested in testing Phoenix USC. During testing there is no fee or anything like that, just help test, report any issues and have fun.

At first I will offer team vs team CTF game play where players battle in their ships to take and hold the flag. As development moves along more ships, weapons and game options will be introduced to the server and client. But as it stands now we should be able to fight it out testing Phoenix USC in online matches 24/7. If you are interested in testing I recommend you follow us on our Discord server for the latest. I will of course let followers know what to do and where to go to help test, here on IndieDB as well.

I have made a huge amount of progress on this game and I encourage you to checkout the map run though video. I am very proud of the look and feel and I hope you take a look at the awesome game I am developing. I cant wait to play. :D

So, stay tuned and follow me here. If you like games like SubSpace or Continuum... You are going to love Phoenix Universe of Space Combat.

Rock on!

map update 6

hanger 6

hanger2 1

map update 5

player name 4

map update 3

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