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Phobia 1.5 is a story based first person survival horror game. It's the second game in the series; with Phobia: The fear of the Darkness being first, and upcoming Phobia: Fear of the Unknown being the third.

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Phobia 1.5 has been updated to version 1.1

DOWNLOAD: Indiedb.com

FIXED IN version 1.1:
-Fixed a bug where some puzzle scripts didn't update with a first try.

-Corrected the button shown for Action in controls to "LMB" from "RMB"

-Fixed a bug where the enemy would freeze if the game is paused while it's attacking.
You can no longer pause the game while you are being chased.

-Fixed a bug where the enemy would jump and get stuck into ceiling when the game is paused during the enemy patrolling.

-The game might crash on a loading screen occasionally. This should fix it self by reloading the level again.

-Sometimes in death screen the mouse cursor might not show up.
In this case use "Y" and "N" on your keyboard to make your selection.

-Apparently you can jump with the "Z" key. DO NOT use this! There's not supposed to be a jumping feature in the game for a reason.

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