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Hello Fellow Paranormal Investigators! Welcome to another Dev Update! In this update, we will be showing off more of Bishop Manor, as well as more Equipment and a Special Trailer announcement!

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Hello Fellow Paranormal Investigators!

Welcome to another Dev Update! In this update, we will be showing off some new images of Bishop Manor, more equipment updates, our Website, and a special Trailer announcement!

First up today is Bishop Manor! We have been working hard on creating the assets for this level, everything you see is still in heavy development, but everything is custom-made by our amazing 3D Modelers!

The Bishop Manor





Next up we have some Equipment updates! our 3D Modelers have been creating some amazing models for you all to enjoy!

Spirit Board (3D Model)

“This Spirit Board was bought in 2005 at an Uncle Dave’s Toys in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We don’t know how it actually allows us to communicate with spirits, given that it’s a toy. It could range from our numerous encounters with S.I.Zs, the general power of superstition, or the pentagram we carved into the back. Peyton spent a lot of money on the wood of the prison cell belonging to Gavrilo Princip, the man who killed Archduke Ferdinand, and carved it into a planchette for the board. She insists that ‘anything from World War I has incredible supernatural energy.’ Anyways, don’t swear at the ouija board. They really don’t like it when people do that.”-Kai Nagata

spirit board

UV Flashlight

“Critical for use in full spectrum photography, the Ultra Violet or UV light is used by the experts at P.I.N.E. to reveal clues left by entities that would normally be unseen to the naked eye. “We use it to see fingerprints, handprints, footprints, and the sort. Even if they don't know it, an entity can lead you straight to the scene of their demise.” – P.I.N.E. CEO Mike Evans.”


Digital Thermometer

“This heavily modified digital thermometer was created by cannibalizing several thermometers that our P.I.N.E. engineer Parker Lopez found on laboratory supply sites. This thing is hyper-accurate but is bad with spectral interference. Keep it away from any potential auras. Otherwise, it’ll give you readings down to a tenth of a degree.”-Mike Evans

Digital Thermometer


“Somehow more reliable than our mag-lights, glowsticks are useful in generating consistent dim lighting within Spectral-Inhabited Zones. They come in packs of fifty for twenty dollars at Outdoorsmen Retail. A couple of years ago, Parker insisted we try road flares instead--I’ll let the fire of St. Andrews Church speak for itself.” -Kai Nagata



“The back-up to your back-up, although I’ve suggested many times that we don’t bring open flames into haunts. Each time I bring it up, everyone tells me not to be lame. I swear, if a gas leak catches fire and combusts me, I’m haunting ALL of you.” Peyton Bennet

PH Lighter

Holy Water

“Peyton’s friend has a cousin who describes himself as a ‘chosen vindicator of God’, and a ‘righteous S.O.B.’ To that end, he blessed my entire swimming pool. This kind of dashes my hopes of taking midnight swims when I finally ascend into a creature of the night. P.I.N.E will have access to a near unlimited amount of holy water, at the very least. God, I hope no one’s reading these.”-Kai Nagata



Footage of the haunting of Bishop Manor withheld by DARPA and NSA until a full debrief can be completed. To follow the countdown till release visit www.phantomhysteria.com

PH Promo VHS

That ends it for this Dev update! we are excited to show you more of our game in the coming months!

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