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It turns out, CHIP magazine is interested in posting our games. We got a chance to update the games beforehand, so few days later the Perliner has a newer version.

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It turns out, CHIP magazine will put the game on the CD of the very next issue. Knowing that the game is far from finished I have worked hard for the last few days to implement some really needed features.

Just a reminder: the game is a continuation of Global Game Jam game that is an action RPG / dungeon crawler in a voxel 3D world.

New Features

So back to the importarnt New and Tasty:

- intro and credits screen,

Perliner extended for CHIP magazine.

- more sound effects,
- hero health mechanism,
- enemies fight back and I kind-of like the way they do it - they will chase you on the ledges or into the depths and give you a way to fight with style other than just mushing the keys,

Perliner extended for CHIP magazine.

- trees, bushes (standard cube-based and 2x finer detail)
- cube-based environment with finer detail elements (bushes, trees etc.),
- houses in the village, with a nice mechanism for the roof visibility (go and see),

Perliner extended for CHIP magazine.

- chests with stuff,

Perliner in a fight.

- particle effects,

Particle effects

So the Perliner hero can really die in this version! It makes it a game then?

Download and play

You can play Perliner for CHIP magazine in a web browser with Unity Web Player. Alternatively, you can download it in download section here.

Default control with WSAD movement and J for jump and K for attack (you can change that in the Input tab in a game launcher).

HINT: go and explore the water.

What Next?

In fact what we have is an extention of GGJ entry and is more like a proof of concept and playground for development. So the next thing is to try building the dungeon itself. As dynamic as possible, and random to the boot. Each play a different challenge.

Another big thing is the controls. Current keyboard only game is nice especially for laptops. Game plays well on integrated graphics, so it should be OK on virtually anything (the screenshot provided contain FPS for a laptop with low power Core2Duo and HD3000). But still, mouse would be a better option so I'll see how it plays with it and how to organize the input for the best feel possible.

And some sheep. Something has to munch the grass or it grows too much!

Cheers !

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Chemec - - 14 comments

It is also available for download as Windows executable in download section. Give it a spin and tell what you feel about it!

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