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Penguemic's biggest update to date... GO Play the Game!

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Wow, I can't believe it's been 22 days into the campaign already! Thank you so, SO much awesome Penguemic backers - you've brought us over $33K (as of this moment $33.4K!)The really big news this week - We have a new trailer, awesome card art and a Playable Demo, woohoo!! Now, it goes without saying that it's an early beta build so yes there will be bugs. Stuff's going to glitch etc but we really wanted to get this out in your hands and let you get a feel for what we've been working on. This particular build works best on PCs, but if you push your Mac hard enough (refresh couple of times on loading) that should do the trick.

So go on, tell us what you think!!You know, I had been forewarned that the middle weeks get stinkin' slow, and boy slow they did get. I'm taking some good notes and will be posting Kickstarter Lessons on the LearnDistrict blog in the following weeks. Also be happy to answer any questions you guys have now, or at a later stage, but as of today, it's gettin' real, friends!Some media round ups for the week:

  • IndieGameInsider covered us a couple of days ago (one of my favorite write ups so far)Indiegameinsider.com
  • Ish and I were on the EdGamer Podcast with Zack and Gerry and had a really great time talking games - tabletop and all that's in between! Full interview:Edreach.us/
  • I'm loving the reaction from folks on Twitter playing the game, like Laura, for instance. This is what she had to say in her blog post - "This[Penguemic] is gamification done right" (link: Lmtomaja.blogspot.com
#ScreenShotSaturday - Indie DB">Penguemic - Word Domination #ScreenShotSaturday

Oh and this one's not up^ yet, but I'm so psyched about some upcoming Youtube videos from the Let's Play community. So great to have a demo we can show off. The instant feedback is making a huge difference! So keep it coming.OK folks, that's all I've got for now. Don't forget to check out the brand new trailer (it's replaced the main Kickstarter video) and the demo! I'll be eagerly awaiting your notes and feedback. And finally, this goes without saying - please continue to share generously! Tweet/FB the link, pictures, demo, everything! We can't thank you all enough for getting us this far, and we can't wait to hit the finish line in 7 days!!!Lots of love! <3

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