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This is simply a shout out to fans of Peekaboo who made Let's Plays for the game. I wanted to give them some extra publicity for their efforts and thank them for doing the same to me in kind.

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Below is links to various youtubers who have done Let's Plays of Peekaboo. There's no order to this and if course there are spoilers so don't watch these if you haven't played Peekaboo yourself!

Be aware several of these are either old versions of the game or made during the time when the bug that didn't allow players to beat the game existed. I'll point out such instances, otherwise the Let's Play is of the up to date and (as far as your concerned) bug-free Peekaboo. ;)

If I don't mention otherwise then the Let's Play is of the up to date Peekaboo.

VapidsGames Glitched version - Youtube.com

FyllyMan - Youtube.com

Akwala (he's also doing a let's play of a forever unfinished game of mine, Words, which is an RPG) - Youtube.com

PlaguedSky - Youtube.com

MCMattaland -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5_59aACZx4

KuroNewbie Old version of Peekaboo - Youtube.com

JadedMinds7 - Youtube.com

Cain solrac Old verion of Peekaboo (Not in English but still, my thanks good sir!) - Youtube.com

Mike Stack Old Version of Peekaboo - Youtube.com

Charstray - Youtube.com

RageFire54449 - Youtube.com

If you've done a Let's Play of Peekaboo please let me know and I'll be sure to add you to this list!

Thanks to everyone who has or will be doing a Let's Play of Peekaboo! I never expected a game I made 5 years ago to be this well received (relatively speaking).


Just read the comment on my video and jumps here. :p

Really like the game, and I really expect the game would be longer.. you should make more like this! I'm waiting.. :)


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Currently I'm working on a visual novel which will be commercial. You can read about it in a news article on the Peekaboo page. No actual release but somewhere in December is my guess. That is subject to change due to college.

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