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Future Of Pax Americana, Hearts Of Iron 4 & the latest version

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Hey Guys i posted this back in April on the Paradox Forums and I don't remember if i posted it here or not:

Pax Americana & HOI4

Just about everyone knows Hearts Of Iron 4 is going to be released soon and naturally it'll have many improvements over HOI3. I knew this back in November when i started modding and always had the expectation of porting Pax to HOI4.

With that said, I'd like to announce I won't be porting Pax-Americana to HOI4 :eek: but I'll be joining the Modern Day 4 HOI team. By doing this we can pool more community resources into one mod instead of making two mod & because there are already several members on the team development should me much quicker.

That doesn't mean the concept behind Pax Americana will disappear and be lost in the list of HOI3 modern day mods that were never finished. Modern Day 4 HOI is being designed to be a much more sandbox mod than Pax and will allow the player to craft their own story but in HOI4 there is a historical game mode. In this game mode you will see something similar to Pax Americana. A scripted story that leads to a World War 3 scenario, just like Pax.

Also if HOI4 isn't moddable or playable Pax Americana will continue development until it is. Other wise it'll end there and i'll be putting my time into Modern Day 4 HOI.
With that said feel free to check out Modern Day 4 HOI or read the Description of the mod in the spoiler below.

So to take make it official, Pax-Americana for HOI3 is dead & has been for over two months

I have joined the Modern Day 4 HOI team to build a modern day mod in HOI4 & have ben working on it since the release of HOI4. You will see something similar to Pax-Americana in the historical mode of Modern Day 4 HOI while the un-historical mode of Modern 4 HOI will be much more sandbox. The mod has made a lot of progress & we are already near the state of Pax Americana & have surpassed it in some places to.

I have made the Pax Americana for HOI3 GitLab public and you can see the list of changes and details here. Anyone who would like to fork the project can also get the latest dev build there along with other resources and notes. Gitlab: here (Last Update was about 2 months ago).

You can visit Modern Day 4 HOI here

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