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Path of Achra is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler with an emphasis on hero customization. It is currently free to play. Here is where you can play it.

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Hello, noble player,

For the past year I've been working on this little roguelike project, adapted from a warcract 3 custom map I made a while ago.

Slay colorful enemies, pick up weapons and armor with unique abilities, combine all this with a bunch of Culture / Class / Religion starting options and 80+ chosen Powers to build a lightning rogue, a mass ooze summoner, a "fire necromancer" -- get creative!

Playable for free on itch, browser or windows download

WIP steam page, here, can be wishlisted, if thou desire

Image 1

Here is a little playthrough by Blind

I am extremely grateful to all players, and the feedback they have provided so far. Balance is a recursive, iterative process -- the end goal is allowing the maximum number of diverse builds.

Image 4

Come yell at me in discord please, it is much appreciated.



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