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Patch 55 came in bringing a slew of new content. Eligible Patreon supporters had NPCs created in their image, the game officially has a soundtrack now, and sound effects were added, and more! The whole unveil was streamed live and is free to watch on Twitch or YouTube.

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Patch Version 55 Notes

Hello everyone, and welcome to Alpha Patch 55. This patch brings in a few long-awaited features, bug fixes, and other changes. The patch unveiling was also live-streamed on our Twitch, with the full VOD being available on YouTube.

Patreon NPCs

Patreon supporters get some nice perks, from in-game badges in the public chat to sneak previews of upcoming content. One new perk we've added his Patreon NPCs! In short, eligible Patreon supporters fill out a form selecting their NPCs name, hairstyle, attire, and custom interaction messages. These NPCs roam the world as if they are normal NPCs, which can be attacked, spoken to or thieved. Their strength is based on how much their supporter has donated, with the biggest donors having the strongest NPCs.

In the first wave, five Patreoners were eligible for becoming NPCs. These were Sandwich, Redd (Redd500), Thomas (MilkN2Sugars), WeSkillNow (WSM_Orange), and Aiden. Each of their NPCs can now be found roaming the world.


Like music to my ears! Ten full music tracks were added to the game! Explore the various cities and biomes to find all the great music.

Sound Effects

The game also has sound effects now! Fight a chicken, mine some ore, or hell even open the bank!

Red Skulls in Cities are now Illegal

Players get a red skull on their head after doing an illegal act, like thieving. Guards have taken notice, and are now attacking players who enter cities with a red skull. This adds a lot more risk to thieving, which already allows other players to PK you. If you plan to thieve from guards in the city, you'll have to be tanky!

Skeleton Visual Update

Skeletons have had a visual reword, with new sprites and new animations making it a whole new look!

We still haven't added the spider skeletons though...

Redesigned Guest Registration Form

When new players play the game, they quite often choose to create a guest account. This flow caused confusion as players did not initially set a password, and instead relied on them finding the "Change Password" option in the in-game display. The new flow gives them a default randomized password that they can change, and the option to be remembered or not. This allows guests to make an account with the same amount of clicks as previously done, while also giving the option for more serious players to set an initial password.

Drop Rate Tweaking

In relation to the Magic Update released on Patch 52, shards now have to be properly balanced. As such, there were some drops added and updated with various MOBS. Balancing is continuing, but note some NPCs such as Skeletons, King Goblin, Alpha Wolf have had their drops changed with regards to shards, and will most likely change again slightly next patch.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes occurred in this patch. A lot of buildings in the newer towns of the map were missing collision walls, some dirt paths had visual blemishes from the map generation tool, as well as the in-game "Register Email" button and "Change Password" buttons were not working correctly. All of these have been fixed this patch.


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