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Changes in patch 247 and developer commentary on what exactly changed.

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Patch 247 has been released along with a demo. The demo has the same features as this patch brings, but the amount of chunks loaded in the demo is limited to 75 (the amount you load if you keep standing on the spawn) and 2 players in multiplayer. Savegames are compatible with the alpha version, but alpha and demo version players can not play the game with each other.

  • Removed stockpile config button for now

It was acutally not ready yet and not supposed to be showing in the menu.

  • Fixed stockpile desynchronization between server and client
  • Fixed crash happening when spamming the remove button for stockpiles

As per this report:Indiedb.com

  • Fixed not being able to click the remove button for stockpiles
  • Fixed server crash occuring when a player looses all his units

This can still happen on the client though.

  • Added required redist. .dlls
  • Added more shader functionality for post processing effects
Toon shader

Specifically it now passes the rendered image (minus the HUD) and the depth buffer as textures to be operated on.

  • Added Toon outline effect (can be turned off)
  • Fixed unit description in respect to low hunger values
  • Improved crashlogging a lot again
  • Improved singleplayer button to try to connect to first, and only if that fails open a local server
  • Added a prompt in case the shaders fail to compile
  • Fixed units starting with low hunger values

Units now start with a Hunger value of 100 instead of 8.

  • Added FXAA
  • Fixed fps lag spikes when loading chunks on client
  • Added interpolation of the rendered arrow position

Fired arrows should look smoother now, however I am aware that they still sometimes spaz out.

  • Increased stamina cost of unit on unit combat from 0.1 to 0.3
  • Fixed other major cause for fps lag spikes on client
  • Fixed units "gliding" into position
  • Improved animations a bit, especially the bow firing animation
  • Weapons Spears and pikes now have 50% and 100% more range than normal, respectively
  • Weapons Pikes now deal bonus damage when at maximum range [75%, 100%]
  • UI The buttons are now plain white to avoid stretching problems of the texture, I will look into getting something better looking button wise later
  • Added more skill level names
  • Split up the combat skill into one skill for each weapon, armor use and dodging (= flat damage reduction from being attacked)

Any "combat" skill that your units might have had before is now converted into dodging skill.
Other skills are not affected.

  • Stopped units from getting XP for attacking gates
  • Stopped attack unit command to stay after using it
  • Added new talents, including 2 (non flat bonus) passives and 7 abilities which drain stamina when used

All abilties will stack their effect if used multiple times. There is no limit to how many abilities can be active at the same time of the same type or any combination of types. This might very well change since it allows for a lot of burst damage. This, and the change of more stamina being used in normal unit-on-unit combat will require you to very carefully manage your units stamina.
As a reminder: Having below 10 stamina will reduce a given unit's strength, dexterity and intellect by 75%.

  • Fixed problem with blood causing a crash and not appearing sometimes
  • Fixed build floor button graphic (not the same as the wall's anymore)
  • Fixed weapon sizes in hand (not the inventory)
  • Rebalanced weapons a bit to do more base damage

Some of the weapons did a 0 damage bonus on the lowest quality/material so all of them now do between 0.1 and 1 in that state.

  • Fixed bug that caused weapons to have chunks not load properly (a bug new in 246)
  • Fixed being able to click talent buttons that weren't actually visible
  • Fixed massive slowdown when having inventory screen open too long

This was actually a memory leak, so it probably caused a load of other problems, too.

  • Added line break for chat text
  • Added longbow and crossbow, renamed bow to shortbow

The shortbow takes 4 seconds to shoot, while the longbow and the crossbow take 5 and 6, respectively.
However the longbow scales 50% better with the weapons quality, while the crossbow scales 100% better. (The shortbow gets +1 damage per quality level, the longbow +1.5, etc.)

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