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General information, devlog #2 about current changes and future content.

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Patch 246 should be available when you read this, with the following changes:

  • Added possibility for critical hits if damage before taking into account armor is greater than 2 times wisdom (WIP calculation)
  • Fixed you being able to put on multiple armor pieces of the same type
  • Added saving of stockpiles
  • Added auto haul for building from stockpiles

If you have items stored in stockpiles, they will be used for building without having to have the material in the unit's inventory.

  • Fixed loot taking ages to appear from cutting down trees
  • Autosaving

Autosaving can be turned off or have the interval be adjusted in the new server_config.txt file.

  • Configfiles for server including password protection, skillgain rates,...

If you want to use the /save and /shutdown commands with the admin password set, you will need to /auth and type the right password. Type /help to show all available commands.

  • Stamina for combat

Stamina is a ressource like health that slowly regenerates and has a certain maximum.
Both the regeneration rate and maximum can be improved by increasing constitution, while willpower will only improve stamina regeneration.
Stamina will be drained when dealing damage in combat. This mechanic will later be tied in with sleeping, and is meant to stop your units from being killing machines. If your unit's stamina falls below 10, its strength, dexterity and intellect will be halfed.

  • Building floors
  • Fixed messages cutting off messages, and blood cutting off other blood sprites
  • Added better looking blood, more blood variety, and made blood disappear after 1000 seconds

Blood only appears when more than 3 points of damage was dealt. Also you might want to check if blood is turned off in the options menu.

  • Lowered mining and building speed (can be adjusted via the server config now anyway)
  • Improved error logging (.crash files are useful now)

If your game crashes (or shows some other unintended behaviour) please post a bug report over here:
with a description what you were doing, the .crash file and if you can the save file with a description of how to reproduce the problem.

  • Item durability

Items will break if their durability reaches 0%. Item quality and material will increase their maximum durability linearly, so a useless stone pickaxe will hold twice as long as a useless wooden pickaxe and a common wooden pickaxe will hold twice as long as a useless wooden pickaxe as well.

  • Fixed inconstistent hunger values, now [0, 92 + constitution]

Your units will start with a low hunger value, so you will need to find food immediately.
If their hunger value reaches 0, they will start loosing life and eventually die.

  • Fixed some graphical glitches occuring while building
  • Fixed unintended behaviour from building templates
  • Fixed log messages not aligning properly with resolutions other than the default
  • Fixed building designations not getting suspended with stuff in the way

For current/future features head over here: Dungeoncraft.draig.de
If you want more up-to-date development news go here: Dungeoncraft.draig.de
If you missed Devlog #1 check out indiedb.com/games/dungeoncraft/news

There is one feature that I haven't mentioned yet I plan to implement in the future, which is the trap system.
I'm not sure how exactly it will look like yet, but it will certainly require you to connect levers, pressure plates and the like to your drawbridges and floodgates via rope or gears trough the world. You could also make a stone trap by putting stones on a trapdoor and connect the trapdoor to a trigger.

In the next patch (247) I will focus on making the crafting system more interesting, and adding more talents.
I also will look into improving the animations, especially the bow firing animation.

bvierra - - 5 comments

It doesn't appear to be available yet, however I have noticed that Desura manually verifies all patches. I would not expect it until Monday because of this.

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Shirby - - 162 comments

Damn it, sorry for the -1 I atually meant to give a + karma point but missed the + button and hit the - lol.

And true it probably takes some time for Desura.

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bvierra - - 5 comments

Patch 246 just went live :)

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