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Changelog for Claustrophobia Alpha 1.0.6 - 12th February 2013

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Patch 1.0.6 Changelog


  • Added ??? Potion
  • Added Unidentified Gunge
  • Static objects in the world (crates, bookshelves, etc) now block player and enemy vision
  • Pressing R will now skip a turn
  • Skipping a turn now regenerates a little health and mana
  • Enemy units now update in turns, rather than all at once
  • Wait time between actions while other units present increased to 6 frames
  • Spawned traps are now only visible from 1 tile away
  • Altars of Squish now restores both health and mana
  • Shops will now sell higher level and rarer loot
  • Items with better stats are now far more common early level
  • Increased the duration of Poison and Burning


  • Improved the look of the FOW and general lighting effects
  • Added a load of new gear graphics for all class types
  • Changed the stone floor tile to fit better with the colour scheme and to tile nicer


  • Added UI buttons for Skill, Option, and Pause Menus
  • The Skill tree can now be exited by pressing Escape
  • Added Continue option on pause screen


  • Changed the order of gear drawing on the character (head items now draw over chest items)
  • It is now no longer possible to attempt to move to a non-visible tile
  • Items under enemies no longer have a chance of being accidentally picked up during combat
  • Items on door tiles no longer shut the door when collected
  • Dead enemies no longer trigger traps
  • Enemies can now trigger traps even when not visible
  • Coin Pouches no longer spawn in shops
  • Save files now correctly reload random ground variations

Been playing some more today and ran into a few things.

First, I died, then immediately started a new game. Once the new game loaded I still saw a few strings of text in the information box detailing what happened to me previously right before I died. I thought it was weird, casue I'm starting a new game y'know? Shouldn't that box down there be empty aside from the clever "welcome" text that you have?
Secondly! I kill an enemy in a doorway and he dropped a piece of armor. I hover over the armor and it doesn't give me a description of the armor, all I see is a message telling me that a door is there and that I should click to close it! I can click on the armor and pick it up and put it in my inventory just fine, but I still think it's weird that information about the armor laying there isn't shown. The door doesn't close anymore when I pick up the item at least, so *high five* on that. =D

Anyways, just some small stuff there. Great update btw, keep making spiffy colors and costumes for the armors! They're fun! Also, I still don't quite get how alchemy works. Is there any way you can give a brief explanation? I see that you can't level-up in alchemy like you can in crafting... but I don't know how to make anything!

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TheIndieForge Author

I wasn't aware that the text window didn't refresh at the start of each new game. Thanks for spotting that! The item tooltip is easy enough to fix, just a bug bought about by changing the order of item updates so that the door does not open at the same time. Fix one thing and you tend to break another :P I'll get that fixed.
Alchemy works in the same way as blacksmithing, but requires an empty potion bottle for every result. There's currently only a couple of potions, but try mushrooms and (in this patch) Unidentified Gunge. Since everyone is requesting it, I'll be adding a recipe book into the game next patch, so that should make everything a bit clearer.
Thanks for playing!

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Oh man! Was playing again and this occured! There's no way this is normal!

Mynetimages.com (this is a link to a picture I print-screened, I promise)

I put the cursor right under the door so you can see there's nothing there. No door, no wall, just floor!
So basically, that door being there can't be normal right? Cause it doesn't look right! Not at all! There was an enemy in that room, I killed it, then walked over and found that spot there. That door in the middle of the room there is just odd and totally not needed D=

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TheIndieForge Author

That odd little bug has been around for quite a while, and I haven't managed to fix it yet. It's a very rare occurrence caused when three small rooms try spawn with a corridor between two of them. One door is placed, then a second door to end the corridor, leaving that gap and no walls on either side. I'll keep working on trying to fix this.

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A new bug that cropped up with newest patch is you cant use the keyboard to move around if the curser is on a dark or unexplored part of map not a huge issue but still kind of annoying

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TheIndieForge Author

Thanks, I'm aware of this bug, it'll be fixed soon.

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