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Post news RSS Patch 1.050 and playtest on September 20th 2020

Alpha v1.050 has been released, along with a new playtest event scheduled an article regarding the game design process for the turn advancement

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Alpha patch v1.050 has been released and a new platest event will take place - make also sure to check out the article posted over itch.io on the gameplay design choice taken for the turn advancement in Untrusted, available at Evolvedlabs.itch.io

Next Playtest Event:

The next playtest event will take place Sunday September 20th 2020 at 19:00 - come test the new alpha patch 1.050 with us!


Alpha v1.050 changelog

Balance Changes

+ New Skill: Disorganized Murder
+ New Skill: Crack Credentials
+ Added new class "Runaway Snitch"
+ Enforcer loses "Follow"
+ Enforcer gains "Disorganized Murder"
+ Sociopath gains "Crack Credentials"
+ Resentful criminal - Win condition now includes that NETSEC must not win
+ Agent Leader - lowered hack skill (when spawned) to moderate
+ "Sting" now targets a player (rather than "everyone who visits the field agent")
+ Night skills no longer waste a charge / go in cooldown if the instigator gets occupied (similar day skill that gets blocked e.g. by Denial of Service do not behave this way)

Client Changes

+ Added Discord Integration
+ Your assigned class will be shown during the preparation night event list
+ The vote counter will be shown in RED if the kill quota is not met, ORANGE if the quota is met only with the Operation Leader vote, and GREEN if the quota is met or exceeded.
+ Ingame Skill overlay will now explicitly tell which skills visits and/or occupies a player and if the success is RNG dependent or not
+ Fixed a bug that would show the previous selected command animation if selected and undoed with a specific timing
+ Fixed a bug that would block the UI when pressing F1 after selecting a skill that required target selection (node or player)
+ Typo fixes and minor text changes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would prevent the Resentful Criminal to see the log obtained with "Interrogate"
+ Fixed a bug that would not always guarantee the extra Scoop to the Journalist when using "Impartial Sabotage"
+ Fixed a bug that would not protect people from murder skills when using misdirection, move hideout, emergency extraction or cover tracks
+ Minor performance improvements

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