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In patch 1.0.3 includes city portals, faction screens and lots of fancy hats! read on...

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Tessino Lonespell just arrived by portal.

Patch 1.0.3 - Portals

In this patch I have focused on balancing XP and gold rewards as some of the rewards where a bit over the top after the price reductions in the last patch. I have decided that everyone should be able to choose their hat! Hats no longer provides any bonuses but are strictly cosmetic to balance that, all armor has had stats improved and price increased.

There's also a new referral system, each player can now have one beneficiary that gains bonuses when ever the player completes and upgrade. If you already have an account you can set your referrer by typing /srf x in the chat where x is the email of the referrer.

The new portal town upgrade allows players to travel instantaneously between two allied cities that both have a portal. There is a small fee for each such travel but this should greatly improve the utility of being in the same faction. The new faction screen also allows you to see a list of all the other players in your faction as well as identify the faction leader. This makes it a lot easier to identify and find fellow players.

This week the class spotlight is going to be,
Archer - Agent Archetype
The Archer is more mobile than the sage and is more durable but has slightly less damage, control and area of effect abilities. This makes archers suited for single target enemies and solo play.

Seeker - Archer subclass
Seekers are divine hunters of Orans holy army, they excel in hunting down heretics and marking them for execution. Seekers deal slightly more damage than the base archer and inflicts a debuff on his quarry that increases damage taken from all sources, making the archer suited for group play.

Wild Runner - Archer subclass
Wild Runners are rangers who follow the Teachings of Ianna, the great mother, sworn to protect life. They can summon wild beasts to aid them and have a few healing abilities that makes them very well suited for solo play. Their damage is slightly lower than the base archer but they can inflict snares that enables them to kite quite well.

That is all for this week, good hunting!

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