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Patch notes for a hotfix made after a larger bug-fixing patch.

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Smaller hotfix with performance improvements.

• Fixed a bug where placing a door on a cable would cause the door to not be eligible for enclosure creation.
• Fixed a bug where blueprints in the inventory did not have any textures when loaded.
• Fixed a bug where the transferring resources in the inventory with CTRL-click would cause a small flash in the slots.
• Fixed a bug where blueprints would be constructed instantly.
• Fixed a bug where pistons and bearings sometimes would fuse in the wrong position.
• Fixed a crash occurring when a piston was fused twice to the same part.
• Fixed a memory leak caused by constraints (from pistons, wheels and so on).
• Fixed a crash sometimes occurring when a machine that had (but now deleted) a piston on it was destroyed.
• Fixed a crash occurring when manually quitting the game (like using alt + f4).
• Fixed a bug where resources in some cases would create more resources when it was stacked.
• Fixed a bug where placing blocks/parts on a grapple locked machine would cause colliding parts to be stuck in a grapple lock state.
• Fixed a bug where any held resources would be not properly be returned to the inventory when pressing ESC.
• Fixed a bug where you could not dislodge plumbings from static objects.
• Fixed a bug where tiles with big machines on it were not loaded correctly.
• Fixed a bug where contraptions would not always load after entering an instance.
• Fixed a bug where a contraption slightly off-screen would sometimes de-spawn (unload) to early.
• Fixed a memory leak caused by saving while tiles are being loaded.
• Fixed a memory leak caused by quitting the current game while tiles are being loaded.
• Improved tile rendering performance.

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