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In "Paper Firefighters" you have the chance to be part of the paper firefighters crew, ready to fight against the most devastating urban fires.

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Main mechanics

Scenario: The game consists in some missions, and every mission is developed inside of a different building, which is being reduced to ashes. Every scenario contains multiple rooms, which will be hide from your sight, which means that you wont be able to see anything until you go inside. This will bring to players more excitement and will improve that colaboration between them.

Also, the rooms will be full of furniture that will help the fire to spreads quickly. Although everything is made of paper, the propagation wont be the same, we all know that steelpaper
burn less that woodpaper.

Firefighters: Avatars of the game, controlled by players. In the game, the only difference between them will be their physical appearence and their personality (skins), and the tool that they have choosen at the beginning of a level.

Fire: The fire will be spreading across the entire scenario. It will have an AI which allows it to advance randomly or to surround the firefighters, block their way or to burn some explosive items. If a firefighter touches a fire, he/she will start to burn and will be blocked until a partner rescue him (which means turn the fire off by throwing some water). If this doesn't happen until a certain time passes, the firefighter will die.

Tools: The fire hose will be the firefighter's main weapon. Can spread water in 360º to extinguish fire or to save your friends. If a firefighter is wet, he wont be able to use their tools or to move at normal speed until they dry out.
Also, there are other selectable tools as axes, water swords, sledgehammers, sprinklers, which will help players into their mission and let them to have different roles in every mission.

Game view:

Game view

Art references

We aim to have a cartoonish game, where the most important thing is that players can have the sensation that everything is paper made. Because of that our graphic references are Paper Mario, Lumino City and Tearaway.

Paper mario

paper mario

Lumino City

Lumino City




For music, we want it to give players a emergency sensation, but without being stressful. Also, we want it to be a comical game, so music must be funny and quite frenetic. Some of our music references are the following:

Banjo-Kazooie: Youtube.com

The stanley parable: Youtube.com

Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Youtube.com

Little Lily Swing (Tri-Tachyon): Youtube.com


Loquerandom - - 1 comments

Me encanta la idea! creo que sería interesante salvar a unas cuantas personas de un edificio en llamas ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ sin mencionar que me encantan los juegos con multiplayer , porque cada partida es diferente, especialmente en juegos indie porque nunca sabes que pasará jaja, pero en mi humilde opinión siento que se vería muy bien si en lugar de usar sprites usaran partículas, para darle un poco más de volumen, porque siento que podría ser tediosa la perspectiva al usar una vista aerea si el fuego es un sprite, también siento que estaría genial una cámara en primera persona o algo por el estilo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Como sea estaré al tanto de las noticias del juego, suerte!

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PaperFirefighters Author
PaperFirefighters - - 1 comments

Nos alegra mucho que te guste el juego! El fuego solo es una prueba par el prototipo, para la versión final barajamos tanto la posibilidad de partículas como la de sprites, eso sí, orientados a cámara, ¡jaja! Con la cámara aún tenemos que jugar un poco, es posible que la acerquemos al jugador y le demos un poco más de vida al movimiento, también pensamos en ponerla en primera persona, pero es un juego totalmente distinto.
¡Muchas gracias por el comentario, un saludo!

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