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Post news RSS Paper Bum (our dark pencil adventure about a stray dog) is now on Steam!

A feral dog tries to survive in a hostile world. The dog doesn’t trust anyone and maybe there is a reason for that. There are two ways: to become a wolf or to give people a chance. Paper Bum is a dark adventure resembling a sad child’s drawings.

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A shaggy lonely dog embarks on a dangerous journey which can have two outcomes: the dog either will realise its wild nature or it will trust people. The hero is vulnerable to the cruelty of this world, he has to survive. However, the dog is still able to see some vivid dreams.

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We're a beginner game studio from Russia which presents our game Paper Bum and we've decided to start from a dark theme. Now we're inventing semi-realistic world that looks like it was drawn by a sad child who haven't got crayons. Of course, there's maximum of hardcore - our game is hand-held penciled! Yeah, there's Mundaun-like, but our paintings become sprites and background without any processing.

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Page of the game is on Steam now (although we've got an approve just tomorrow). It's very important day for us and we'll be bloody gratefull if you add this game to wishlist at Steam.


And we also have a trailer - in verse!


If you are interested - we have a story about millions of pencil strokes, impostor syndrome and a hangover pitch at a gamedev festival!

Thanks in advance for supporting zen games. After all, the further - the darker.

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