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Post news RSS Painting "Nuclear Aftermath" as the Bad Guys

Just an article making sure that none of you paint the Nuclear Aftermath team as bad guys.

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Hey everyone, an urgent, almost sad issue has come to my attention... Some of you are blaming our current issues on the Nuclear Aftermath guys. They aren't the bad guys here, we worked it out between us and everything is okay between us now, they no longer will use our resources and they are not the bad guys. So, from now on, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to paint them as the bad guys and send them rude or spiteful messages. I hope you all understand this and I really don't want to get any more reports of this happening. Thank you all.


PooterTooterMcCooter - - 379 comments

Honestly i doubt this will cease people from continuing, but really it wouldn't be Nuclear Aftermath's fault, if anything the fault would be the guy who handed them it and left, seeming more like an attempt to put a good "**** you" out there before leaving.

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DragosteBel Author
DragosteBel - - 50 comments

Well, we've gotta try right? Don't want people pinning the blame on others when it's not their fault.

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VitaminK - - 588 comments

it's the interwebs, what do you expect but people to act like 12 year olds?

Best of luck on its continuance.

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DragosteBel Author
DragosteBel - - 50 comments

Well, one can hope yeah? ^_^ Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to us! (I know I say that a lot, but I truly do mean it!)

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