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After toying more with the Build Engine games, I realize there is something to be desired when comparing the pacing with iDTech titles...

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I've been playing through the Build Engine games more so lately and trying to determine where exactly tone wise I want pacing to be when it comes to "Helsing". I'm fully aware the whole retro-shooter renaissance hasn't just started nor does it look like its going to die off anytime soon. One only has to look at the current new offerings on Steam to see that the market has plenty of options when it comes to "fast and manic" retro shooters. Take a look at ULTRAKILL, AMID EVIL, and DUSK to see one producer and their umbrella hitting the seat of the pants pacing super hard. This leaves me pondering with what I'd really like to do with my ideas.

It might surprise you that the original concept of Helsing was somewhat of a far-cry and more of an mystery game/light-shooter under several different names over the years. The last iteration was more horror focused with adventure elements all packed in a first person shooter package. The decision to go retro-fps was more for the benefit of being able to bring a game to completion over a styling choice so I do have something left to stew over while I test some early maps out. Currently the game plays pseudo-Quake but holds on to some Doom design choices. This now brings me back to full circle.

I now realize after revisiting the Build Engine games that there are a lot of things that those games do for pacing that really stands unique when compared to the iDTech games. Sure, the game-play loop of finding keys to progress is still the anchor that holds them all together but the pacing is all but the same. I will continue to play-test and try different enemy and weapon combinations until I get something demo worthy to share. On another note, I think its about a good time to mention a name I've been toying with to give my project more of a unique tone as I shift more towards a "Blood" spiritual successor. Helsing is only a placeholder name for now, but GRIMM... now that might be something worth going towards.

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