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Changes that were made for p3 Polish version of Bast from the Pass.

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What is new?

We added in a new level, tweaked the old levels, tweaked the tutorial, create a new bomb design, changed the ready-up menu, added in sound effects, and added more juice to the game.

What’s the Motivation?

We fixed some of the issues that we got complaints about during our play testing sessions as well as from the instructor feedback. We added in a new menu to experiment with the level design and to add more options for the players to choose from. We also tweaked the old levels to balance out the difficulty of the arena. We also changed the bomb design to make it easier to see and make it more obvious when the bomb is counting down. We added in more sound effects and commentary to make the game more immersive. We tried to make the ready-up menu more aesthetically pleasing and the camera movement less choppy. As for the juice, we added a camera pan before the start of the level to provide the player with more context as to the setting of the game. We also added zoom for when the ball gets dispossessed.

What's next?

We plan on adding in more commentary voices as a way to immerse the players in the storyline of our game. Fine tune the color palette, fine tune the game play, and more levels. Color filter to indicate which side belongs to which team. Enhance the aesthetics and gameplay.

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