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Learn about Radial 50's controls, interface, scoring system, and so much more!

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What is Radial 50?

Radial 50 - for the iPhone and iPod Touch - is a new take on the classic “Breakout” game first introduced on the Atari in 1976. Radial brings an entirely new aspect to the arcade classic by allowing the player to control the paddle and ball around a 360 degree playfield and focusing the gameplay on defeating a central target, rather than the often painful chore of eliminating all targets on the gameboard.

Radial 50 works on all Apple iPod Touch and iPhone versions.

The primary objective of Radial 50 is to survive 50 rounds of increasingly difficult gameplay and over those rounds achieve the highest score possible. To pass each round, you will use the iPhone’s touch screen to control the paddle to project the ball towards the targets. Striking the targets will eventually unlock the center defense, allowing you to strike the inner most diamond and advance to the next round. If you miss the ball, allowing it to strike the outer playfield wall, you will lose paddle health. Letting the ball strike the wall too many times will eliminate all health. Health will regenerate over time, but once you lose all health the game is over.

Controlling the Paddle

Controlling the paddle in Radial 50 is as simple as sliding your finger up and down. As you slide your finger the background will spin as well. Think of it as spinning a record, where the paddle is in a fixed position on the record.


Interface Explained

As you play each round, you will begin to familiarize yourself with the interface of Radial 50. Below are details on each interface element.


1. Menu/Pause Button Hitting this button at any time will pause the game, and provide with you with the in-game menu.
2. Health Meter
The health meter shows the number of hits remaining before all life is lost and the game is over. The health meter regenerates slowly over time and will always be full at the start of each level.
3. Current Round
The current round number, of 50 total.
4. Total Paticles Collected
The number of particles you have collected in this round.
5. Overall Score
Your overall score for the current game.
6. Playfield
The playfield, which consists of the paddle, ball, targets, and the center diamond.
7. Paddle Control Area
The area used to control the paddle. Slide your finger up and down to make the paddle spin around the playfield.
8. Paddle
The paddle is controlled by the player and is used to project the ball towards the targets. 9. Ball The ball is used to destroy the targets and evenutally strike the center diamond.
10. Center Diamond
Strike the center diamond to proceed to the next round. Sometimes the center diamond is protected and the player must eliminate enough targets to unlock it.


The difficulty of each level will increase as you progress through each of the 50 rounds. The following attributes contribute to the increase in difficulty.

  • Ball Speed - the speed of the ball will increase with each round
  • Health Regeneration Time - the speed that your heath regenerates decreases with each round
  • Powerups and Powerdowns - the frequency and types of powerups and powerdowns changes with each round

Scoring Scoring is the goal in Radial 50, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Major scoring areas include striking targets and target multipliers, collecting target particles, completing each round and doing so quickly, and special bonus point events. The amount of points earned for each scoring element increases with each new round completed.

Below are additional details on Scoring…

Players earn points for each particle collected, and the point value for each particle increases with each round. Players will also earn bonus points (see details on Bonus Events) for collecting 50, 75, or 100 particles in any single round.

The number of particles ejected from each target is relative to the target’s multiplier value.

Targets & Multipliers
Each target struck earns the player points, and this point value increases with each round. For each successive strike of a same colored target, the player will earn a point multiplier, up to 5x the initial value of the target. The multiplier does not apply to Defensive (black) targets, on rounds in which the center diamond is locked.

Bonus Events
During and at the end of each round, the player has a number of opportunities to earn additional points through bonus events.

  • Perfect Health - Finish the round without losing any health
  • Finish in 35s - Finish the level in under 35 seconds
  • 50 Particles - Collect 50 or more particles in a single round
  • 75 Particles - Collect 75 or more particles in a single round
  • 100 Particles - Collect 100 or more particles in a single round
Time Bonus
At the end of each round, the player will see a summary of points earned, and will also earn additional points based on how quickly they finished the round. The final value is based on the time bonus value for that round multiplied by the number of seconds under 180 that the round was completed in.

For example, if the round’s time bonus value is 100, and the player finishes the level in 30 seconds, the time bonus value is 100×150=15,000 points.

Powerups & Powerdowns
There are 18 total powerups & powerdowns in Radial 50. Many powerups & powerdowns are avaliable in early rounds, and others are introduced in later rounds. Powerups are represented by White targets, and there may be as many as 4 total powerups & powerdowns in a single. Details on each
powerup and powerdown are below.

Big Paddle
Expands the width of the paddle for a short period of time
Big Paddle
Causes the ball to travel “through” standard (non-defensive) targets
Big Paddle
The entire ring where the powerup existed is eliminated
Big Paddle
Restores all health bars
Big Paddle
Increases the size of the paddle significantly while also increasing the speed of the ballBig Paddle
Targets within the area where the powerup existed to be eliminated
Big Paddle
All standard target values (non-defensive) are increased to a 5x multiplier
Big Paddle
Numerous particles are ejected from the center for a short period of time
Big Paddle
Creates a protective ring around the playfield for a short period of time
Big Paddle
Causes the paddle to act as a magnet so that all particles gravitate towards it
Big Paddle
The entire playfield turns dark for a short period, in effect causing the player to lose sight of the ball Big Paddle
The ball will increase in speed for a short period of time
Big Paddle
The entire ring where the powerdown existed is refilled with targets
Big Paddle
The paddle will decrease in size for a short period of time
Big Paddle
Targets within the area where the powerdown existed are refilled with targets
Big Paddle
The paddle will move more slowly for a short period of time
Big Paddle
The paddle will move in the opposite direction of the normal behavior for a short period of time
Big Paddle
The ball will act unpredictably for a short period of time


Each time you record a final score it will be recorded to the Radial 50 leaderboard. Your score will appear in the overall Radial leaderboard along with all other player’s scores, your phone’s individual leaderboard, and a number of additional leaderboards based on your location. Location leaderboards include your city, your state/province, and country geographical regions. Your scores on these leaderboards will be posted along with your unique profile information. For more information on leaderboards click here



Achievements can be earned and new achievements unlocked by accomplishing tasks in Radial 50. For example, reaching Level 50 is an achievement and earning this achievement unlocks additional achievements. Achievements do not earn you points towards the leaderboard during a game session, but trying to earn them is a good way to increase your skills and set yourself apart from other players. There are 20 total achievements that can be earned in Radial 50.

Bender411 - - 235 comments

Game looks realy awesome! Stylish design. Sad what I dont have Iphone(

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DOLBYdigital - - 622 comments

Wow great job on this game.
Like the concept and really like the overall UI.
Wish I had an Iphone/Itouch, I'll probably grab one eventually ;)

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GTJuggler - - 11 comments

UI and design seems very smooth and professional. Great job from what I've seen so far.

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