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We're building a video game and its engine from the ground up. Here's a demo of its early modding capabilities.

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After the last hotspot post, a lot of people recommended various ways we could make our hotspot and scripting interface more user-friendly. Accessibility is a big priority for us, so we are definitely working on this. As a first step, I've added a hotspot browser. This browser lets users select convenient, prepackaged hotspots and place them in the map. Thus, modders will be able to use any standard hotspot without needing to touch scripting code at all. (A UI to tweak the parameters of each hotspot is forthcoming :) ). Scripting will, of course, still be available for users who want to make entirely new hotspot functionality.

I'm pretty excited about hotspots and scripting because they will allow us to quickly prototype diverse gameplay. I thought a platforming, race game might be fun at this point, so I packaged up the necessary hotspots (race start, checkpoint, and race end) and threw down a krumpty course. The following video showcases the entire course building process. I tried to use a bunch of different map editor tools so that the video gives an up to date overview of basic level building. The video also features the Whaleman, Rabbot, and the vocal stylings of our very own John "the War Dwarf" Graham.

(Note: In this alpha, ctrl-3 switches to hotspots editor mode and ctrl-1 goes back to the objects editor.)

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

I love your engine and the presentational videos. Did you pull two Buddhas out of the puny stones? I hope there will be a special beatboxing track on the soundtrack. Or is it already part of the game ;)?

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jeffr Author
jeffr - - 383 comments

Haha, that is a good idea. John is getting pretty good at beat boxing.

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Desumilk - - 80 comments

Oh god. For a moment, I thought it was some Rahzel.

"Mission accomplished"; that John has the same tone of voice!

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Sionfel - - 1,551 comments

hmm, i noticed a favorites tab.
great idea.

on the subject of premade hotspots from the browser, can you edit them to say add time or other functions of the sort?

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FJS - - 839 comments

Wow... awsome vid
Love the weird voices lol

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chris_sloany - - 2,830 comments

that was awesome, this could be a great oppurtunity for ppl to stop making mods, and to start making more idnie games, so everyone can play!

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

hehe, Hilarious, you guys are awesome!

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symbolzzzz - - 282 comments

Damm i want to pre - order this so much but sadly i am too young to own a credit card sad ):

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Daystranger - - 327 comments

Love the beat boxing :D
By the way, is there any way to see the radius of hotspot?
Right now they're looking like "spots" and personally, I have no idea how close player should be in order to activate it.

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jeffr Author
jeffr - - 383 comments

That's a good point. Right now you have to click on them to see and adjust their radius, but we'll add a better way soon!

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Lol these videos are so funny love the voices and beatboxing really makes the videos more authentic :D. Great work guys.

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MuffinSoldaat - - 45 comments

No video without WHALEMANNNN, amirite? :V

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Khameli - - 130 comments

LoL this is best demo ever lmao xD
good job guys :P

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Commander1985 - - 19 comments

Lol, the End with that voices reminded me of the Umbilical Brothers and their Arnold Schwarzenegger Parody xD

Good work btw^^

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Zablar - - 99 comments

well done guys :)

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Dra6o0n - - 534 comments

For good racing map, i suggest you make a ancient underground ruins with mazes and traps and maybe the timer can trigger once you've taken the item from the altar, which triggers a deadly trap that can seal you in!
No need for checkpoints to increase timer but maybe pathing can be different and escaping comes in a variety of paths you choose and each one is connected to the exit.

The the player didn't leave the exit in time, the ruins collapses and means death.

Since this game has character using ninja like moves, obstacles can be the basic wall to wall jumps, long jumps, dodging traps, and outrunning a giant rolling boulder...

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Midnitte - - 128 comments

I'm loving the comments (...and now we have excellent cell phone reception), good job on such a great game/engine. :)

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vp21ct - - 84 comments


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bassi - - 125 comments

you guys made a whale model but not a rabbit model yet!? weird but awesome so far

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Bubbatree - - 22 comments

Omg at 1:15 ...

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Bubbatree - - 22 comments

wtf is u doing, wierd voices n beatboxing.. OMG

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