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Post news RSS Outliver: Tribulation | Dev update #10 | Visual Overhaul + New Features

In this developer Update, We go over the major changes and additions made to our upcoming survival horror game Outliver: Tribulation as well as share details on new Demo available on steam.

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Hi everyone and welcome to this developer update on our survival horror game, Outliver: Tribulation where you play as a soldier who mysteriously ends up in a fictional supernatural realm of African mythology and has to take part in an ancient ritual.


We have been hard at work implementing a host of changes to the game and taking into account the amazing and thoughtful feedback we received from the community in the steam fest event of October 2021.

We upgraded the game to unreal engine 5 from unreal engine 4 in order to take advantage of the new performance and visual features like Nanite and Lumen among others. As a result, we ended up rebuilding the world from scratch and are pleased with the new look we have achieved so far; let us know what you think once you’ve had a feel of it.

Screenshot 234

For new features, we finally added voiced dialog sequences to the game during which the player still retains complete control of the camera.

Screenshot 239

We added a new powerful weapon called the Eldergun which has two firing modes; a mode where it acts as a typical shotgun and another where it acts as a rocket launcher. For its ammo, we repurposed the stamina system we previously removed for the running and diving systems and now refer to it as the spirit essence.

Screenshot 247

We also added a brand new player upgrade system which allows you to upgrade gameplay elements ranging from player health and spirit essence regeneration speed to improving the effectiveness of the various charms and Eldergun damage.

Screenshot 235

We overhauled the Map/Inventory system to now display useful information including points of interest like locked areas and important items, as well as player characters’ thoughts and current story arch.

Screenshot 246 1

On the gameplay side of things, we have replaced and added new mocap animations for certain action types. We also tweaked the timing and speed of certain actions to help make everything feel more responsive.

Screenshot 245

The teleportation system has also been upgraded. Now, all you need to do is to walk into the beam of light in the newly redesigned portal structure to teleport.

Screenshot 242

Unlocking barriers now involves interacting with certain terminals as opposed to previously interacting with the barriers directly. This was done to make the world have more man-made elements to it.

Screenshot 232

On the combat side of things, we have updated and added new enemy types as well as made them more aggressive and challenging.

Screenshot 224

As for performance optimizations, we are actively working on making sure the game is as stable as possible and this will continue till launch.

Screenshot 216

We will be sharing more information as we progress through the development. Until then, we are pleased to announce we have released a new Demo on steam for you to try out which will be available for a limited time, so, please check it out and wishlist it if you haven't done so already. Also, kindly recommend it to friends and continue to share with us your thoughts and feedback about the game.

Screenshot 213

That would be all for now. Thanks so much for sticking around, and hope to see you in the next one. Happy gaming.

The Gbrossoft Team.

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