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Our demo is online and ready for testing! Its a benchmark for everyone to see how it is!

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Hello everyone!
João Here.. I did released an open demo yesterday for benchmark testing of what we are working on. Also to see how much you want to keep or change from it! I did based on my own taste and I'm really looking forward to see what YOU think about it!

Please, support us at: Tcodesertstorm.itch.io. We're accepting small donations to keep our development flowing! So, if you feel to help, you're welcome!

Download the demo HERE

ALSO, consider to help us giving your feedback HERE




Wow, looks nice

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awesome will give it a try

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Looks good, let's see if it plays good.

Being a Beta, I do expect I'll be the one to run into all the bugs, but I'll leave you a list of the ones I find and any information about what may have potentially caused them. Can't be worse than Skyrim for number of bugs, and look how great of a game that is (my favourite in Genre).

I'm on a system that uses the following Specs:
OS - Windows 7 64-Bit
RAM - 32GB (3900MHz)
CPU - 4.0GHz
Drive Type - Solid State Drive
GPU - 1070 (with 8GB DDR5)

I wonder if this will be my new favourite Real Time Strategy Game?

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JLigeiroart Author

Well, I may say that you'll have same problems as I do, since your specs are basically same as mine. Which is fps peaks. sometimes you'll face some fps issues, due to a script that is calculating unit positions to attack. Well, I'm looking into that and hopefully, came up with a solution on future releases.

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That is funny, the likelihood of a Custom Build being the same as someone else's, is rather low.

Bugs I found (Tested as USA Faction):
Upgrade for Defence Structures not being available
-Required resources not available (Wood and Metal)
Resource Metre for 'Knowledge' is not visible
-I looked for that resource metre, and couldn't find it
Construction Dozer Bug
-A bug I've seen in C&C Generals (and Zero Hour)
-The Dozer doesn't properly connect to the building it's meant to build
-Carryover Script fails to engage
-Dozer thinks it's doing something, when instead it's idle
Helicopter Selection Bug
-I've not seen this one much, but I've had it happen in RA2YR
-When trying to select the Apache Helicopter, I found 1 didn't respond
-No idea if its death script failed or if he just ignored me
-Unit couldn't be selected

Improvements Needed:
Blackhawk Audio needs fixing
-When I clicked on the Blackhawk, the audio went screechy
-It felt like someone wrenched into my ear

Improvements Recommended:
Mouse Controls
-Mouse Wheel could do with being altered to match what we're used to, Scrolling Down should be Scrolling Out, and Scrolling Up should be Scrolling In
-Mouse Left and Right Buttons should be set to be optional between C&C Classic and C&C Modern Controls

Additional Notes:
Something that wasn't mentioned in the controls was the NVIR Toggle Button
There should be a Repair Unit or Ability
-I thought sending my M1's back to the Airstrip would get them repaired, but no
-I tried telling a Dozer to repair the M1's, that didn't work either
-So, my M1's were running low HP the rest of the battle
Something else I noticed was the MLRS was limited to building only one
-I don't know if it was meant to be limited or if it was a bug
-If you want it limited, make it disable the button not remove it
-If it was a bug, then I have almost no idea what would cause it

Let me know when an update is available, and I'll test it.

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If this continues down the same path, perhaps I have found my favorite modern warfare RTS friend, do not stop!!! has a bright future

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JLigeiroart Author

Thanks a LOT @juanignacio!! Its a pleasure that you, as me, enjoy this type of game!

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