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"The eye sees better when the sound is great" - Steven Spielberg knew exactly of the impact of music when he made this remark. We at Invision Games share his opinion.

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Since the 20's, music has become a key element in feature films. Either epic, atmospheric, funny or sad - music substantially alters the way we perceive imagery. What is valid for Hollywood is just as fitting for the gaming industry as well. However, big orchestral scores were often exclusive to AAA titles, considering the recording costs for a symphonic orchestra. With today's technological progress, decent orchestral scores have become an option for low-budget, or in case of mods, no-budget productions. That means - if you find a composer who is willing to contribute to your project.

At Invision Games, we're very happy to have the talented David Fang aboard. Today, I'd like to introduce to you his latest piece of music for Star Wars: The New Era. "The Battle begins" is the main title of the mod which will also play in the game's menu:

Although this is an entirely new melody, you can clearly hear the references to John Williams' original Star Wars score in the way that the piece is orchestrated. In some cases though, you might consider a pure instrumental track too weak - you might want to have a choir or a singer in addition to give your title additional depth and provoke goosebumps. Listen to "Fall of the Commonwealth" - part of the extensive soundtrack for our third project "Andromeda: The Darkest Night":

Again, this is not the result of a studio recording session, we hired no singer for this track. In our latest developer diary, David Fang explains some of the process of creating a new soundtrack.

Thinking about Melodies and creating ideas for the Track: THE BATTLE BEGINS

It is 8PM night time, right after I just came home from work and school. I fired up the computer, mixer, keyboard, and other connected devices all ready to start composing music for TNE. During a brainstorm session and a piano improvisation session, I was looking at the New Wallpaper Sebastian Kreutz have created. I thought to myself although an ambient track seems more appropriate for menu music, I was requested to provide an epic track, presumably relating to a space battle. This required some referencing to several of John William's previous works with Star Wars. Stylistically, the track "The Battle Begins" is a combination of William's earlier Star Wars pieces from The New Hope and more recently Revenge of the Sith.

Writing, Recording, and Mixing
While John Williams was writing Star Wars, he was only responsible for writing music. In my case however, to bring high quality realistic orchestral sounds to Star Wars The New Era, I had to write, record, and mix this time. All of these three can be quite time consuming.


First, I open up the Music Notation program called MakeMusic Finale 2008. I open a pre-existing sheet music template for a full orchestra consisting of woodwinds, Strings, Brass, and standard orchestral percussion such as Snares and Timpani. After setting the tempo, timing, and key signatures, I start composing music and the orchestration process begins.


After completing the score, the next step would be the recording process. Instead of using a VST softsynth called Garritan Personal Orchestra provided from Finale 2008, rendering the new piece with the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra is more preferable since the samples provide realistic reverb trails and are recorded in full stereo sound.

Essentially, I opened up a sequencer, imported the MIDI file which is the music score in MIDI format and began adjusting notes through Piano Roll view. Before the adjustments, it is extremely important to load the instruments from the EWQL VST (Virtual Studio Tech) plugin and properly assign the Virtual Instruments to their respective MIDI channels. For example, you want to assign the first violin patches to the first violin MIDI channel. Assigning articulations and effects are more advanced and complex, which I will not go into right now.


The last process would be the mixing process, where I mix all the instrument .wav files into one multi-track audio mixing process. Here I can do equalization and putting in audio effects.

Pyrefly - - 296 comments

Music, is indeed a big part of the entertainment industry

well done

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casualties1000 - - 32 comments


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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

Excellent music!

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sCobra07 - - 34 comments

that would make John Williams proud.

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alenoguerol - - 622 comments

its great but i still love the Moviebattles B18 theme music :D
the best mix ever made
btw great job with the mod. i look forward to play :)

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bogie - - 173 comments

Nice, any news on a release date yet as you are 2 years overdue???!!!

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Hemppathehemuli - - 18 comments


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Boiled - - 66 comments

Nice that you guys also describe your processes.

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TheVidmaster - - 625 comments

yeah, it would make Williams proud.

ModDB lists this mod as Single and Multiplayer Mod. What single player mode do you plan? Please? Anything?

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Darth.Hunter Author
Darth.Hunter - - 172 comments

That is still far ahead. We have a rough storyboard ready, but after our first release, we want to focus on our major multiplayer game mode, which is Team Assault.
Thankfully, we finally have larger coding resources now, so I hope we can really lift off that other mode in the upcoming months (we will release TDM and CTF modes before, though). Only after we have set up a stable and extensive Team Assault mode, singleplayer gains focus again. So far, it's only on the paper.

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Emil_4444 - - 465 comments

awesome dude just awesome!

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omayksilo - - 32 comments

Really nice pieces. In my opinion, music has always been an important element to Star Wars as the story is told. You've captured the essence well and hope it all goes well moving forward.

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NightSage - - 644 comments

Wow, sounds great!

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-=117=- - - 64 comments

Damn good composing and recording.

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vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

The theme is clearly a SW music.

Great work.

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Wonderful work! Fall of the Commonwealth is very moving, I like it.

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Raden - - 127 comments

wohohooo! Awesome soundtracks! I mean.. just wow!

- Raden

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Ma_Loon - - 34 comments

Dear David Fang and Darth.Hunter,

I am truly impressed by your overall polish added to this rich universe, the music is very impressive.
Many blessings of luck to you all in the creation of this amazing conversion.

Peace unto you all.

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Nice work, sounds very similar to the overall Star Wars style and epic, orchestral music...

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bogie - - 173 comments

Any chance of putting an open fully skinned model of the millenium falcon that we can walk into and run around in?!! That would be cool!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Xyrom - - 241 comments

is there any free Notation programs that anyone know about?

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Cloud6556 - - 194 comments

That music is absolutely FANTASTIC I love it as a big star wars fan :) i really cant wait for this mod to come out it looks absolutely amazing

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Renorick - - 477 comments

Wish you guys could keep a little more frequent in posting updates, I don't mean to sound negative, but there are times when I think the mod has died just because I haven't seen an update in some time, and that's because I see a lot of potential in this mod... even if it's just to tell us you're still hard at work, please, up the frequency of your updates a little... thank you.

P.S. awesome music, hearing each one is like hearing a new Star Wars track for the first time.

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