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Orc Raid is now available on STEAM, but..... what is orc raid?

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Hello Everyone

Orc Raid is now available on STEAM. Right now with a launch discount, you can get it for $3.50 USD

Orc Raid is a first person game where you fight hordes of enemies across several battlefields with randomized pickups. The game contains two game modes on which you'll be able to kill and explode barrages of enemies, using several types of weapons.

Thunder spear

  • Campaign Mode. One day while camping under the moonlight, a spirit appears and tells you that it has seen the future and that humanity will go extinct due to the incoming orc menace unless our protagonist is able to hold the horde for 3 days. And so this small story begins.


Fight against the Orc Horde for 9 chapters, meet an allied NPC that will help you against the tons of enemies that will charge at you and defeat two bosses. Follow the story of the lone wanderer and his quest to stop the orc army enough time for the human kingdom to launch a counterattack. At night, the spirit will support you, letting you use magical weapons.

But while you don't have these, you can use more conventional weapons and environmental hazards like the classic explosive barrel.

Explosive Barrel

  • Survival mode. In campaign mode, the amount of enemies to appear in the map is scripted. On survival mode, there can be as many enemies on screen as your computer can hold. In this mode you fight to survive as long as you can, to rank into an online leaderboard.


Finally, you can unlock several steam achievements as you play and we have several pieces of free content planned for this game. We hope that you enjoy Orc Raid.

Check it out on Steam - Store.steampowered.com

Thanks for reading.

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