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ORBITAL DROP | Patch 0.2: Supply lines, region changes and more content!

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Dear commanders,

We know you’ve been eagerly anticipating the first orbital drop and we hope it helps in your forays on Shoal. We heard of issues with how you manage your supplies and are introducing brand new systems for you to make the process smoother and facilitate easier building and warfare.

This is the first of many Orbital Drops you can expect alongside our regular Supply Drops. I promise you the best minds The 111th Reign of Harmony and Prosper has are working hard to iron out any issues you may have as well as improve functionality in the near future.

Thank you for your continued efforts,

The Exec

Supply Lines

  • MAJOR FEATURE: Supply lines are now connected between regions instead of interactables
  • MAJOR FEATURE: Regions now have a "Region Management Panel" accessible by clicking on a tile in a region
  • MAJOR FEATURE: Regions can connect to other regions by clicking "Connect" in the Region UI and clicking on an adjacent owned region
  • Region Supply Lines can be configured by clicking the empty "slots" on a connected line
  • Region Supply Line Slots can be configured to use any supply resources of the selected faction, and dictated if the supply should be incoming or outgoing
  • Generate now generates supply to region storage (instead of local unit storage)
  • New "Produce" item in UI for Units allows you to build new supply types to region storage. This is the UI replacement for supply lines
  • Units can now build other units and projects using the storage from Region Supply, not just their local supply

Known Issues

  • Tutorial maps are temporarily disabled, as they heavily rely on old supply systems

To be added

  • Ammo
  • Pressure displayed in region UI
  • Region "level-up" ability
  • Pop system change up


  • Fix to notifications between turns and stacking
  • Fix to flickering glitch when Hunters move through fog
  • Inconsistent slider values in Region Supply Picker fix

This first orbital drop introduces a fundamental change to the way Cantata plays. Every orbital drop isn't going to be like this, as we want the core game design to be mostly stable so we can focus on getting you all exciting tentpole features like skirmish, multiplayer, mod tools, and campaign maps (all in the works!).

As part of the promise of EA, we are making this game not just for ourselves, but for the community of people playing the game. And we've really listened to you all over the past two months since our initial release. We've heard all your feedback about the game, what's fun, what isn't etc and we've put a lot of that feedback together and started looking at parts of the game that are maybe weird for what we're trying to accomplish. We looked at things that didn't quite work and tried to come up with good solutions for them.

This orbital drop represents the first steps of that — forward into a new version of Cantata that we hope will make the game more fun, tactical, and less fiddly than previous versions. So here's the big change:
We got rid of unit-to-unit supply lines.

You can read more about why, and how, we’ve done this on our forum here. The bottom line is that we felt, and heard, that managing unit supply lines simply wasn’t fun or fulfilling for players and the new change is a holistic solution that allowed us to get what we wanted the player to "feel" with supply lines, but in a way that was represented differently. We still wanted the concept of connections and logistics, but maybe not through specific units. Turns out we already had something right in front of our faces that was perfect for this... Regions.

There's a lot of new in Cantata 0.2. Please keep in mind, that between the new features, concepts and changes, this is still an Early Access title, and the update, while major, is one of many to follow. You may encounter new bugs and unfinished content.

Your old map saves will work, but your ability to configure supply lines for units will be gone. If you want to finish out a map save file before upgrading, we've given you all the ability to toggle the feature on and off in Game Settings in the settings menu (see "Use Region Supply"). This is in here so people have an easy way to play an older version of the game, but it's our intention to remove the flag in the future and make region supply the default.

We are keeping the previous public build accessible on the new legacy branch. This branch will be populated with the latest stable milestone, in this case 0.1.4. You can access the legacy branch by right clicking Cantata in your library, select properties, betas, and in the drop down you'll find the branch. Selecting it will prompt the game to update to the older build.

This is the first step into a newer, better Cantata, so seriously, let us know what you all think in our previously-linked forums or in our Discord community! What should we add or change? What can make it better? Things are definitely going to be rough right now as this is the first pass, with hard coded numbers of supply lines and slots and no major sense of balance yet, but in general we really hope you like these changes, and thank you to everyone for making Cantata the best game it can be!

- Afterschool Games

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