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We reveal our new car, Optimus Crime, along with a glimpse of ingame action! Development is going steady, and a release of our first alpha is nearing...

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Say hello to... Optimus Crime...

High poly image High poly image High poly image


Again, GW has put his skills to work and come up with this huge gas guzzler. 'Optimus Crime' will prove a hit to those drivers who like a leisurely drive along the highway, scooping up all who dare try to attempt a head-on attack. It's one hell of a car, best not get in its sights!

Optimus Crime again for those interested in modelling fits into our 6,000 triangle budget for vehicle meshes. The high-poly version, from which we source all normal/bump mapping data, comes in at over 2.5 MILLION triangles. Just getting the render above was tough, as it crashed GWs computer a few times :)

High poly image

Development of Wheels of War (Alpha 0.1) is coming along very well. We can confirm that come the new year, we will have some exciting news for you all concerning an early release. The package will contain your basic racing structure via checkpoints as you would expect; but also include some other more complex aspects of the game mode. Keep in touch as we leak release this information periodically to you!

Before we sign off, if you think we are deserving, remember to vote for the Mod of the Year 2007 Awards. Also, on our official website, there is currently a poll on what to name GWs previous car model; so give the site a visit and vote for your favourite name!



awesome model and name :D

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very nice work guys usual high quality stuff

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