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Optic 2 was dead. How was it revived? Why? What is the game's future?

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Optic Outbreak Series

The Optic Outbreak series has gone through a number if changes after Optic Outbreak 2: Revolution was cancelled. The entire formula of the series was changed.

Now, Optic Outbreak 2: Revolution has been revived through an unsuccessful but informative IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign, and renamed to Optic Outbreak 2: Primal Revolt.

So then, what about Optic Outbreak 1? I'm planning a remake but that is highly unlikely as I have other projects after Optic 2. And I have no plans for Optic Outbreak 3 but I have considered it multiple times.

Optic Outbreak 2: Primal Revolt

Optic Outbreak 2 is a direct sequel to Optic Outbreak: Shattered Origins.

This time around, the game features actual story. The first game had no story at all.

The game is not free, it costs a small amount ($2.99) just to support future games. The fact that it is a paid game will encourage me to put more effort into it. Yes, the price will go down after a few months or an year. More on that later.

The Pricing

The game will be released with a launch price of $2.99. This price will eventually go down, and it is also sensitive to holiday seasons.

If you feel that the price is too high, don't hesitate to say so at support@hadaxation.com

The Story

The Hayman Elemental Army (Fr. World Army) is under a serious threat from a mysterious group of soldiers. Hayman's only (inexperienced) solo soldier is back after a life-threatening back injury. As Hayman is being slowly wiped off the map, their Commander has a plan to get them back on their feet, but he needs the solo soldier's help.

The game is based on a series of missions. The game was previously supposed to be using an open-world setting and use the built-in assumption system to keep track of progress. But several changes in the plot no longer hold water for this idea. There are 15 missions, down from 20 when the game was first announced.

The Release

The game has been planned to be released on April 2016. It was announced on Facebook that a demo can expected to be released on January 1, 2016.

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