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A surreal first person adventure-puzzle game. "Solve puzzles with the help of a shouting madman in this absorbing, surreal first person adventure."

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Only If is a surreal first person adventure-puzzle game.You play as Anthony Clyde, who, after a heavy night of partying, wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar bed with no memory of the previous night's events.

Unfortunately, escaping these unfamiliar, opulent surroundings will prove to be no easy task, as an unseen, menacing, radio-bound antagonist will stop at nothing to block Anthony's path at every turn.

The game's mechanics are designed to be experimental and unpredictable, to defy the logic of "What you see is what you get". Is the environment changing around you, or is it your imagination? Will jumping to your death kill you, or will it save you? Could the wrong answer actually turn out to be the right answer?

In Only If, you will fail a lot, you will die a lot, and you will undoubtedly be confused. Or will you?

Originally created for Game Jolt Contest 10.

Only If [1.0.5]
Only IfOnly If


Only If [1.0.5]


Only If [1.0.5] MAC


OnlyIf [1.0.5] LINUX

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Dev Diary

These were the early days of development between Nov. 2013 - March 2014, here we had no idea what we were doing yet.

For up to date developments follow @Glowandstar -Tarek Ghandour


This looks interesting, Thanks for the heads up, I'm downloading it through Steam now.

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Shittiest game ever made. Doesn't make any sense, even if it's free to play it's a ******* nonsense experience, devs must've been on crack while making this.

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I take it you didn't like it :)

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AHAHAHA people disliking my comment, must've been the developers or some psychopaths who actually like this "game".

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The game looks good so far . Havent trying it yet, But i'll download it as soon as my Damn terrible internet fixed. Mean while im gonna Track this game ;)

PS: The intro on Developer Video reminding me to Ralph (RaedwulfGamer) LMAO

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Downloaded, tried, unsatisfied.
Now I realise that I get excited about nice grafics in indie games almost too fast, thinking that they would be awesome games. By playing this game, I have learned that promising grafics DON'T represent good story writing and level design. I shat my pants upon seeing the screenshots. Later on I shat my pants in frustration because of this game not realizing what I wished it to be. Hang on before your insults, I'll tell you why.
The biggest flaw in the writing is that this game wishes you to think differently while itself being indifferent to you and keeps doing the useless rally of insults which i reckon is what the developers figures as "realistic dialogue". I struggled to filter the tinyest clues from the endless swears. The writing did had its moments, when it tried to be witty and breaking the forth wall but I can't help but seeing them as ripoffs from the games that inspired this.
And the level design. This is literally where I lost my sh*t. Let me put it this way: How am I supposed to know that? The frustration is overwhelming when I found out how to do what the game wanted me to do. There is no "bazinga" moment I find in most games. Maybe this is what the designers thought to be smart but this is just not for me.
In conlusion, I'm actually pretty sad to find that this game did not achieve what it aimed for. But I do see hints of talent here and there so keep on working.

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