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ARGH! I wish I could stop time and just sit here and work on it :|

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This has been quite a busy week =/ I've not been able to do much in terms of show progress, I've been working 9 till 4 and then creating some particle effects for a game company when I get home :| I

I did just finish their particles an hour ago and have been working hard on developing this enchanting system a bit more, I still am the only person working on this so I am having to create most of the particle effects myself =/

I'm not working this Friday AND I plan to work on the game all weekend! :D So be prepared to be wowed! :P

The reason I am working solo on this project is because I want to create the foundation of the game before recruiting people, this allows me to clearly demonstrate how I plan the game to be in a demo form so the rest of the team understands what we will be trying to create.

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