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One Starry Night is a horror game developed by one man, I hope to make a truly horrific experience so that every player will be scared. The aim of the games is to find the whereabouts of the drugs needed to keep you alive as an infection is slowly but surely taking over your body. Will you survive?

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One Starry Night.
Will you survive? You're trapped in a forest as an infection slowly takes over your body you will either end up dead like your crew or be infected and turn into a wolf that craves blood. Since this infection has taken over the whole world you must find the medicines that have been scattered around the map after your plane full of vaccinates has crashed.

The island itself is haunted by its old owners who were rushed to leave so the infection doesn't get worse, most of them left but some can be seen walking around if you look closely enough.
When they all left (most of them) the military were sent in to clean up the area and kill any of the infected, this was a lot harder than it seemed as they evolved to combat bullets so they were all killed.

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