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One quick question I want to pose to you guys. As well as other news. Please leave any feedback or criticisms you may have.

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One quick question I want to pose to you guys.Would you like gameplay on foot at all? For example, missions that focus on being outside of your vehicle, or even the ability to leave your car and explore the city on foot.

This would be implemented with the seemless ability to go from car to foot and vice versa seemlessly intergrated into the campaign without a seperate ''mode'' like free roam.

I know this seems like I am trying to get so much of Dark Basic and this may push development schedules way back, so I want to know your opinions.

The way I hope to implement this is to have the player model transition from ''car'' to ''character'' models. Maybe have an animation, or in the worse case scenario just a black transition, dependent on many different factors with my development cycle.

Just an idea I thought I'd throw around, if you think this would make it too ''generic'' or pull away from the driving aspect of the game (of which my game is to be mainly focused) then I will not do this, I just want to give you the very best I can create with the tools I have.

The next bit of news I have:

I have now created new textures and wanted to show you guys what I am currently creating, I want you guys to vote on what ones you like the look of most, the textures I have been using are merely place holders until I can show you guys something MUCH more presentable.

Please bare in mind the cartoony ''comic book'' nature when voting though.

As always feedback and criticisms welcome and encouraged.

Thank you everyone on IndieDB for your continued support.

Heartbroken - - 63 comments

Well, I'd love to be able to go on foot. And what would be cool would be the possibility for the suspects to leave their cars when boxed in a last attempt to escape from you.

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BelerundGames Author
BelerundGames - - 1 comments

I like that idea a lot, thank you a lot for the suggestion I will to implement it into the game. :)

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