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Officer binoculars, whistle and a field phone sceneprop.

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Sorry for the long wait. Due to poor internet on a trip, I couldn't post the update until now. Here's some officer binoculars and whistles that will be in-game soon. This is a sort of filler update
to give you guys something to look at while we work on a larger update which is already mostly done.

First of, Colmont Paris M.G. 1900 binoculars for the French and Feldglas 08 binoculars for the Germans. Modeled by Bsnott and textured by Rigadoon.

And a whistle. Modeled by Bsnott and textured by Rigadoon.

Finally, a somewhat related field phone scene prop. Modeled by Hudson and textured by Baillie.

We are still working on getting a gameplay video out and I believe we're getting fairly close. Again, I hope to get another update out sooner than usual, for you guys to enjoy. Modding is a really slow process and we thank those that have continued to follow and support us over all this time.


Excellent work!!

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No normal maps baked from highpoly? It looks like the normalmaps are only from the textures. The upper binoc looks like concrete to me and the other like cardbox. Why is there no specular map at least for the glas, for example? Not to talk down your progress, but with a little more work these could look a lot nicer.

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Rigadoon Author

I appreciate constructive criticism but I'm afraid I really don't understand yours. Exactly what details do you think would benefit from a high poly bake? For these simple models, a painted normal map is more than enough. I don't see how the Feldglas looks anything like concrete. It's suppose to be painted metal and I do believe that it looks its part. Same with the cardbox(cardboard?) comment, the Colmont Paris texture is suppose be leather and painted metal. You're going to have to be more specific on what the texture needs other than simply saying that it looks wrong. Also, the glass clearly has specular so I don't know what you're getting at.

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very nice!

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Officers are going to be a very useful class now thanks :D. BTW, were can I learn to mod? I'd Like to help add Medics :D

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