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Post news RSS Of Guards And Thieves - Beta Update r50.6 Overview

"Of Guards and Thieves" Beta Update r50.6, new Features, Fix and New Map WIP available.

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"Of Guards and Thieves" Beta Update r50.6, new Features and Fix available.

r50.6 Changelog Overview

Here the list of the major changes:

  • Quad Damage Mod (optional)
  • New Map "The Office" WIP

"Quad Damage"

Is an option adjustable by the host, simply multiplies the damage for x4.
The guards may well kill the thieves with only 2 shots, and thieves can kill the guards with 3 shots.
This rule creates an imbalance if you continue to play with the usual ratio of 1:1 or 2:1

For a competitive game we recommend using a ratio of 4:1

*ratio explanation
1:1 = 1 guard for 1 thief
4:1 = 4 guard for 1 thief

New Map "The Office" WIP

Here is a preview of the new map "The Office".
The game is spread over an entire floor of a building, populated by numerous offices, tunnels, lights and hiding places.
This map represents a higher level of challenge, it is more 'difficult to play for both the teams.

Download "Of Guards And Thieves" for WIN - MAC - LINUX

If you like the game please remember to support us on steam Greenlight

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