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Walhalla is located in South-East Australia, in the eastern Victorian region of Gippsland,about 180 kilometres from the state capital Melbourne.It is located in the Great Dividing Range, in the steep Stringers Creek valley, approximately four kilometres upstream of the creek's junction with the Thomson River. The area around the town is designated as an historic area, adjoining the Baw Baw National Park.

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1. One’s back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother.
Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 82
2. There are more things to be thought of by men than money alone.
En fleira er mönnum til hugganar en fébætur einar.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 47
3. Never break the peace which good men and true make between thee and others.
Rjúf aldrei sætt þá er góðir menn gera meðal þín og annarra.
The Saga of Njal, chapter 55
4. Old friends are the last to break away.
Langvinirnir rjúfast síst.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 82
5. With law shall our land be settled, and with lawlessness wasted.
Með lögum skal land vort byggja en eigi með ólögum eyða.
The Saga of Njal, chapter 69
6. There are few more certain tokens of ill than not to know how to accept the good.
Fátt vísara til ills en kunna eiga gott að þiggja.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 78
7. Where fault can be found, the good is ignored.
Fár bregður hinu betra ef hann veit hið verra.
The Saga of Njal, chapter 139
8. A tale is but half told when only one person tells it.
Jafnan er hálfsögð saga ef einn segir.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 46
9. No one is a total fool if he can be silent.
Enginn er alheimskur, ef þegja má.
The Saga of Grettir, chapter 88
10. Eyes can not hide a woman’s love for a man.
Eigi leyna augu ef ann kona manni.



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