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First post on the IndieDB blog. On this post, we give the reader a sneak peek on the narrative of 7 Doors

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This story is about a regular guy who had dreams and ambitions, but he lost all that due to a system that only cared about creating people with the same mentality.

His journey begins after the graduation of a regular guy that, like so many others, felt badly prepared to start a working life as a member of society. He was one of the lucky ones to find work in a company called H.E.L.L, due to his impressive skill set. Our protagonist would show to be of great use to them so they made him a deal he could not refuse: A good salary with a room in a house owned by the company with all expenses paid, and he would live with seven other people all of them with special talents in the company.

Soon after the contract was signed and all the smiles and compliments vanished, and all that remained was criticism and abuse. After the massacre of the first day, on the first floor of H.E.L.L., our protagonist to go back to the one place he hoped he could rest, the room the company gave him if the other seven were not like everyone else on the building. To his surprise, he found nobody in the common areas, all he could listen to was a whisper coming behind each of the seven locked doors.

It’s 2 am and something wakes him up. He got up startled only to see a letter was placed under his door. In the letter, it was written “What they did to you was wrong and you should do something about it. If you wish it, we can help you to get revenge on the ones that wronged you, just knock in any two of the seven doors and say you want help and we will show you the office’s of H.E.L.L. on their real form. Signed P”

It takes him a while to get back to his senses while questioning himself about what the letter could mean with the “real form”. Out of curiosity or maybe despair, he knocked on the purple door and asked for help, but after that, he felt a raging fire from withing calling him to the red door and knocked asking for help. From inside two voices could be heard asking if he was sure of this decision as there would be no going back on any of the decisions he made after this.

He remained silent while he thought of all the implications this could have, but while lost on his thoughts, his own body reacts and opens both doors. And with that, his life would change forever..

How this journey ends? You must discover it by yourself.

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