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VGS is now accepting recruits for flash game development!

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First thing's first. Venom Game Studios is now accepting recruits!

What we need for our development team:

What we need mostly:

A programmer, willing to work on multiple projects. 2 max.

What we need the least:

anyone under the age of 6... yes.. 6.

Im only 14 so I dont have cash. So, no pay. Be aware, our dev team is only for the fun of making games, you may be payed. Depending on how many contribute to our future projects. You WILL recieve a fair share of ANY profits made! AND, to join, you MUST HAVE a copy of either Macromedia Flash 8, or Adobe Flash Creative Suite 3.

If you have CS4, thats okay too. BUT, yopu must convert all contributed .fla files into CS3 format.

So, anyways, if you'd like to join, please, dont be afraid to Email me, or PM me.

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