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Still kicking, we have been moving forwards slowly with the art, programming and story elements. The middle part of development, with everything getting a little better all the time is going smoothly and we are excited!

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There have been a bunch of things going on, mostly just moving slowly and surely towards something actually a game. Working on redoing the player's animation controller... There are some issues with jumping...

We are working on some actual level implementation but many of our earlier plans have to be re-jigged; the new artwork and player design don't work with the more angular levels so we are working more fluid designs into the levels. It seems 50% of the work we are doing at the moment is undoing earlier work! The slow march of progress hasn't got us down though. We are determined to make the game we want to make, that lives up to the vision we have for it, which inevitably leads to discarding earlier work when it no longer lives up to the standards or styles. For the most part though, the things we are discarding are things we knew wouldn't be in the final in their existing form.

Familiar looking area, you can see the new distant background (just barely) here.

The notes menu is basically done now, more on that later though.

You can see the new parallaxing, distant background in effect here. It's a rough graphic but I feel like it really adds a lot of depth to the scenes. Ignore the floating pixels near the big block...

I've been working on getting some sound in (and converting some sketches into actual levels (!!!)) over the past few days. It's crazy the difference it makes, I've made up some simple components for easy atmospheric sounds that respond to your position etc. for panning and volume.

It's hard work getting good sound effects, I'm not in the position to be able to record my own so I've been browsing the Free Sound Archive and mixing / editing sounds to get what I want. We might be able to share some video to demonstrate the sound soon.

Here's an image from a room I added today:

And for those who care about this sort of thing, we're up to 8395 lines of code. Which is terrifying / kinda cool.

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