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Not much left of the game to do, hard to get substantial updates.

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There isn't very much left for me to do and actually be able to show. I have finished all the main levels and am working on some easter egg levels. Other than that all i am doing is making a sound track, textures, and 3d models. The soundtrack isn't even close to finished yet, so i cant even really post a snippet of that, and i want to keep the easter egg levels fairly secret so I don't want to post very many screenshots of that. Posting textures would be fairly boring so I am trying to stay awaqy from that but the textures are fairly mediocre anyways, so they wont be very good things to post. That being said, I am still working on the game am planning to realease in August (full release date is on my page.) I am planning on ten main levels and around six or seven easter egg levels and maybe some unlockables. I hope you guys will like the game when it comes out.

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