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An update on the status of the project, and a new addition to the team.

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It's been quite some time since we last updated this page, and it's NOT because the project has been canceled; rather, it's because I wanted to be able to present an actual visual thing rather than just talking. So, I went to work on the demo, so it now features a couple of new maps, with all existing maps refined and expanded.

However, the progress on the demo has recently been slowed by my most nefarious enemy: unexplained level transition crashes.

It's only on one map transition (all others work great), and I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down the issue.

Once that's fixed and out of the way, I'll finish optimizing the subway map, make sure the train maps are good, and then tie it all together and test it a few times before releasing it.

We've also been working on the full version of the mod, of course, including decent-sized chunks of Chapters 1, 3, and 5, entirely new music, and, best of all, reanimated weapons!

I met a guy at my university who has a lot of experience with weapon animations in Blender and 3DS Max, and he's now hard at work on reanimating the reload, melee, and draw animations for the shotgun, the Hkusp (remodel of the P345 made by IAmBulletProof) and the Five-Seven (remodel of the glock made by IAmBulletProof). It's nice having someone else work on that new little feature, allowing me to focus on the maps and scripted events.

So, no, the project is not canceled, I've just wanted to have something to show for my work (not to mention getting settled into college life).

I'll also have a few new screenshots coming up in the next week or two; as for the demo, I'll make an announcement once the crash is fixed and it's about finished. I've already finished expanding existing maps and making new ones, so all I have to do is fix the crash and make sure everything is in order.


great news :)

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Thank god the project isn't dead! I hope that the project goes smoothly for you. Good luck!

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